The coin necklace has been popping up on our jewelry trend watch and we love how it jingles. Coins are a cute pendant style that you can have lots of fun experimenting with. Think layered necklaces, mixing coin metals and different patterns when it comes to how you style necklaces. Coins are considered a good luck charm in many cultures so there is no reason not to try the trend. Keep reading for inspiration on coin necklace designs and how to wear them.

Coin Jewelry in Different Cultures

Many cultures around the world use coins in their jewelry pieces. You can find coin pendants in Chinese traditions and even as far back as the Greek and Roman empires.

Chinese culture is full of symbolism and good luck charms. Coin jewelry is only one of the examples of good luck charms. Coins are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Common jewelry pieces featuring Chinese coins are a simple string bracelet, usually with a red string or a simple long pendant necklace.

During ancient Greek and Roman periods, coin jewelry was a status symbol. Coins were made of precious metals like silver and gold which showed the wearer’s wealth.

More recent examples of coin jewelry are quite romantic. In the Victorian period, sailors would make jewelry from coins they carved themselves to send home to their wives. World War II soldiers would send home coin jewelry too. This type of jewelry is called ‘sweetheart jewelry’.

Modern Day Coin Jewelry

Nowadays, coin necklaces come in endless designs. Designers are taking the coin necklace beyond a simple pendant, too. Coins can be part of a larger design or layered on a precious stone.

Modern coins also tend to have different patterns on them. There are also different techniques used, for example, enameled coins, laser engravings or carved patterns. Some designs also incorporate semi-precious stones or precious stones. Adding elements to the coin is a great way to add a personal touch to the design.

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Which Metals to Choose?

A classic coin necklace style means matching the color of the chain with the color of the coin. However, you can add a modern twist by mixing different kinds of metals. This especially works with a layered necklace.

If you want to wear an authentic historical coin then the material is likely to be silver, gold, copper or brass. We recommend choosing a historical coin that is gold or silver because these will be the most durable and easier to clean.

If you would like to mix metals, which is also a trend right now, then choose new coins. Fashion jewelry features more modern coin necklace styles which are also great for layering necklaces. Try wearing a smooth rose gold coin with a silver chain. You can easily use this for a layered necklace look. Alternate the metal in the chain and coin for the other layers to create a color pattern.

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Which Coin Necklace Style Works for You?

A coin necklace can be either simple and chic or detailed and bold. Looking at the pattern on the coin is the easiest way to decide which route to take. Very detailed coins, especially old-looking coins, work best with a more subtle necklace style. On the opposite side of the spectrum are contemporary coins specifically made for jewelry pieces. For these coins, you can take more risks in the chain style.

Wear an authentic coin as a long pendant necklace. An opera length necklace with a simple chain style like a snake or wheat pattern looks chic.

You can add more edge to the coin necklace with a chunkier chain like a rolo or anchor chain. These chain styles look better at a shorter length like the princess or matinee length.

Wearing several coin pendants in one necklace is a fun way to amp up your jewelry look. Don’t go overboard though. You can wear a larger coin and a smaller coin on the same necklace. This still looks fresh and feminine. If you would like to wear more than two then choose a design with clean lines and small coins. For example, the coins can be on a vertical pendant that hits below the bust or flat and smooth on a thin choker necklace chain.

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A coin necklace can work for any style because there is no limit to the coin design. Whether you want to keep it eclectic with an authentic coin or have fun layering with fashion jewelry, the coin necklace is a great idea. It is also a pendant style that goes well with other jewelry trends that are hot right now like large chains, massive hoop earrings, and circular patterns. Stay up to date on current jewelry trends by reading more of our articles. We promise that you will feel inspired.

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