A pearl pendant means a contemporary design that reinvents a classic look. Sure, we’ve all tried to emulate Audrey Hepburn’s iconic pearl necklace moment. Now is the time to translate her legendary look to today’s style. If you want to find out how to style necklaces, particularly a pearl pendant, keep reading. This is how you make Audrey proud with your pearls.

It’s All about the Neckline

With any pendant necklace, matching the shape of the pendant to the neckline is what makes or breaks the look.

Match the shape of the pearl pendant with the shape of the neckline. A round pendant like a large pearl is emphasized by a round neckline. A longer sharp pendant looks great with a deep neckline. On the other hand, a high neck is softened by a pendant necklace that hits the waist.

A general rule is that the pendant should touch the skin. This is how you decide the correct length for your pearl pendant necklace. The exception is when you are wearing a very high neck or turtleneck, as we mentioned before. Then you can wear a longer necklace with a larger pendant.

Keepin’ It Casual

You don’t need to save your pearl pendant for a special occasion. A pendant necklace is more casual than a pearl strand so it can be your everyday piece.

We all have three basic tees. One white, one gray and at least one in black, right? Well, you’re in luck, because any pearl looks fantastic with these three colors. White, gray and black are a great background for the softer colors of pearls. Your basics are transformed when paired with a pearl and a gold chain. Wear your pearls and tee with your favorite ripped jeans for an easy breezy day.

pearl pendant

Do you think pearls are a little too ladylike for you? Then create a cool and casual boyfriend look. Swap out the jeans for a pinstripe pant and borrow your boyfriend’s white v-neck. As a finishing touch, match the color of the pearl to your pinstripe pant. This offsets your pearl against the white t-shirt, too.

So, what if you do want to wear your pearl pendant for a special occasion? Of course, this is easily done. You don’t have to worry so much about the clothing. Simply amp up the glam in the jewelry pieces that you pair your pearl necklace with.

Layering with a Pearl Pendant

A lot of women get confused when it comes to pairing their pearls with other jewelry. The same goes for layering the right necklaces together. Wearing a successful layered necklace shows you are a jewelry expert. Wearing a layered necklace with pearls crowns you the queen of the jewelry game.

This is how to layer necklaces and pearls with ease. Your pearl pendant should be short, a princess necklace is best. Then, add a longer necklace like a matinee or opera length in the same metal as your pearl’s chain. The longest necklace can have a different pendant or a pearl too. For the middle layer, you can change the metal to add depth. Have a different common element come back in the shorter necklace, though. For example, the same type of chain or a detail in the same color as the pearl.

Start with these three necklaces for your layered look. Once you’ve experimented with creating a common thread you can add more layers.

necklaces for woman

What About the Other Jewelry Pieces?

A pearl pendant necklace gives you more freedom in jewelry pairing than a pearl strand. Many women choose to pair their pearl necklace with other pearls. You don’t need to do this with a pearl pendant. There are more elements in the necklace that you can riff off and bring back in the other jewelry pieces. This way, your jewelry looks like a complete picture.

With a pendant necklace, you already have a piece that grabs the attention. Let your pearl pendant shine and keep your earrings simple. Choose a minimalist drop earring, small hoops or studs. You can have a pearl in the earrings or only match the metal to the pendant chain.

The jewelry on your hands can be more layered. You can wear several rings and a bracelet. The rings can be embellished but let the stones be clear like a cubic zirconia or a pastel colored crystal. Keep the bracelet simple like a solid gold chain or tennis bracelet.

And that is how you stay modern while wearing a pearl necklace. Switch the pearl strand for a pearl pendant. This gives you so much more to work with. We have more pearl inspiration for you in our other articles so keep reading.

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