Whether you love classic pearl necklaces or would like to try something with a little bit of edge, you have come to the right place. We don’t know if you’ve heard this, but Ana Luisa has launched a fabulous pearl jewelry collection where you can find unique pieces. Don’t know which one to choose? That’s ok, we will help you. In this article, you will not only learn how to style necklaces but also which pearl necklace suits your personal style. Read further to discover gorgeous pearl necklaces that you will fall in love with.

Pearl Necklaces 101 – Discover Your Favorite

In case you haven’t heard, pearls are the stars this year. Lustrous perfectly round pearls, unique baroque pearls, pearls with a pink tinge and a soft luster – you name it, the world’s runaways have seen it. And because pearls are such a great inspiration for jewelry designers around the world, new and contemporary designs have emerged. If you are a classic gal and love your princess-length pearl necklace combined with your pearl studs, now is the time to wear this look. However, if you prefer a more contemporary look, guess what? You can have that too, thanks to the new pearl necklaces designs. So, without further ado, let’s find out which one of Ana Luisa’s pearl necklaces makes your heart beat faster.

The Subtle Pearl Pendant

Some women prefer to wear a pearl pendant as opposed to a pearl necklace because it is more versatile and easier to style. If you want to enjoy the classic beauty of pearls but don’t feel comfortable in a dress or suit, this gorgeous gold pearl pendant is what you need.

pearl pendant

Pearl necklaces are beautiful too, but you don’t have to get one just because it’s trendy. If you simply love your jeans and print tee look and have a big collection of sneakers and flat shoes, then a pearl pendant will suit your style the best. Likewise, if you like minimal jewelry like clear studs, chain bracelets, and simple bands, you will love wearing this pearl pendant. Grab your favorite print tee, your crop jeans, and those suede flat shoes and let the pendant do the rest. The great thing with pearl necklaces is that they always help you get an impeccable look.

The Classic Pearl Necklace

Let’s face it. Of all the pearl necklaces, the classic one is a timeless jewelry piece. Usually short, the classic pearl necklace rests beautifully on your collarbone and offers you an elegant and chic look. A princess-length pearl necklace is the favorite of many women, but what about yourself?

If you love you stiletto shoes, midi wrap dresses, and brooches, then you need this type of necklace. Other pearl necklaces are beautiful too, but the classic one suits your style the best. Wear it with a turtleneck blouse and a pair of cigarette pants to create a sharp look. For a more romantic approach, try it with a flowy midi dress in a boat neckline and suede sandals.

The Long Pearl Necklace

For those of you with a love for everything vintage, we have great news. Ana Luisa’s fabulous long pearl necklace has an elegant retro touch that reminds us of the ‘20s. Usually, long pearl necklaces work best with other vintage-inspired clothing, like fringe dresses and elaborate drop earrings.

pearl necklace

If your style is glamorous and you love wearing silk, long dresses, and monochrome outfits, then you absolutely need a long pearl necklace. Just wear it with a black sequin deep-V dress, a faux fur jacket and a pair of red shoes to get an irresistible look. Of all the pearl necklaces, the long one stands out the most and offers your look a glam vintage touch.

The Contemporary Pearl Necklace

What if you want a statement piece of jewelry but the princess-length or the long pearl necklaces are not your style? Thankfully, now you can find pearl necklaces with new and exciting designs. Take Ana Luisa’s Lena pearl necklace, for example. Featuring big lustrous pearls and a frontal gold toggle clasp, this necklace is both chic and modern. The metal clasp brings out the color of the pearls and adds a contemporary edge to it.

freshwater pearls

If you are always the one to try out new trends and love to make a statement, then forget about the classic pearl necklaces. Get yourself this edgy necklace and wear it with your velvet crop blouse and high-waist cuff jeans. You lacquer boots will also look fantastic in this picture.

The Layered Pearl Necklace

Can you wear two pearl necklaces at once? That’s debatable but what isn’t is wearing a pearl necklace along with a dainty gold chain necklace. Ana Luisa’s layered necklace features a princess-length pearl necklace and a delicate gold chain necklace with a heart pendant.

spring jewelry

For those of you who want to rock a bohemian look, this is the necklace to get. Single pearl necklaces are also great, but why wear one when you can wear more? Make the necklace the focal point of your look by wearing a shirt in a neutral color and minimal studs. You can also try a midi skirt or a pair of culottes.

You are facing a complicated decision now – which one of these amazing pearl necklaces to get? There’s only one way to find out. Head out to Ana Luisa’s online jewelry shop and check out in detail the creations featured in this article. Discover your favorite and get it today so that you can wear it to the next party you are planning to go to.


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