Delicate and elegant, an emerald necklace is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Some of us even think it’s a must. Want to know why? Then keep on reading to find out. Discover the amazing properties of this gem, how to style necklaces with emeralds and why you need an emerald necklace in your jewelry collection.

Interesting facts about emeralds

Before talking about the emerald necklace, you need to know a bit about this gem. Rest assured, we will not bore you with chemistry, but rather share some information that will help you buy emeralds like a pro.

Even though emerald is a gemstone from the beryl family, it is the only one considered precious. However, not all green beryl is emerald. A light green gem is not an emerald, for example, as this precious stone only comes in dark green hues. As you can guess, the deeper the color, the more precious the gemstone.

Back in the time of the Ancient Romans, the emerald was Venus’s gemstone. People associated it with beauty, love, and spring. And while the ancient Romans linked the emerald to their goddess of beauty, the ancient Greeks associated it with Hermes, the messenger of gods. This is because they believed the emerald to be the stone of truth.

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During Medieval times, alchemists were very fond of the emerald and often used it in their studies of the Philosopher Stone. As you can see, this deep green gemstone has always fascinated people and our modern times are not an exception. Today, women love wearing emeralds and some even choose them for their engagement rings. This being said, let’s see why you need to have an emerald necklace.

  1. An emerald necklace is eye-catching

Whether you are going to an event or want to impress everybody at work, an emerald necklace is the way to go. Due to its stunning color, the emerald grabs attention and works beautifully with neutral colors. Your beige tailored blouse or white blazer will look fabulous accessorized with an emerald necklace and, perhaps, matching emerald earrings. However, if you are not into sets, just wear simple gold stud earrings medium hoops.

  1. The emerald is a durable gemstone

An emerald necklace is a jewelry piece that you can wear every single day without being afraid of scratching it. This is because the emerald has a high hardness score that is only surpassed by the diamond. If your emerald necklace also features this gem in a bezel or flush setting, then you can rest assured that it is well protected from bumps and scratches. However, we recommend that you take your emerald necklace to a jewelry inspection once a year to make sure that the setting is intact and the gem secure.

  1. Emeralds attract love, harmony & abundance

Some people believe that gemstones have certain properties that are connected to an individual’s wellbeing. In their belief, wearing an emerald necklace means attracting love, good luck, and peace. While we can’t know for sure that this is true, what we do know is that an emerald necklace will certainly attract a fabulous style. And when you are feeling good about yourself, good luck, peace and love tend to follow.

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  1. An emerald necklace is also versatile

Many women think that precious stones should only be worn on special occasions. But we believe that each day holds a special occasion. Sure, your emerald necklace will look dazzling with your elegant silk gown, but guess what? It will also look stylish with your smart-casual office outfit and even your little black dress. Want to wear your necklace with jeans and a crop tee? Then accessorize it with oversized hoops, bangle bracelets and an irresistible smile.

  1. The emerald is the birthstone of May

If you are born in May, then there is no question that you need an emerald necklace in your jewelry collection ASAP. Wearing your birthstone is a wonderful idea as it gives personal meaning to your jewelry. Also, you are lucky to have such a beautiful gem as a birthstone and you should take full advantage of that.

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Another interesting idea is to offer an emerald necklace as a gift to somebody born in May. This will show them that you pay attention to details and know their birthstone. It is a very beautiful and personal gift idea.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy an emerald necklace. We can think of more, of course, but we don’t need to. Because we are pretty sure that once you check out our birthstone jewelry collection, you will fall in love with Ana Luisa’s emerald necklace. And even if you are not born in May, you should still get one just because you like it. Always remember that we define our style and who we are.

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