A collar necklace is a very sexy piece of jewelry that you can wear whenever you go out or want to make a great first impression. Collars are not exactly a new invention – even the ancient Egyptians would wear them. However, in recent years, collar necklaces have made a powerful comeback. We bet that you have at least two or three different pieces in your jewelry box. And if you don’t it’s time to buy some because you will want to try all the stylish combinations we are going to reveal. Read further to find out how to wear a collar necklace and style necklaces like a fashion expert.

What is a collar necklace?

A collar is a special type of necklace that stays on your upper chest, below the base of your neck. Its name comes from the fact that it takes the place of a shirt’s collar. Just like any other necklace, a collar can be simple, features gemstones, etc.

Many women don’t know the difference between chokers and collar necklaces. They are under the impression that these two jewelry types are one and the same. This is not true, of course. While the collar necklace and the choker may have similar looks, the difference is in the length. As opposed to collars, which rest just below the base of your neck, choker necklaces perfectly fit the neck. Women usually wear chokers on the middle area of the neck.

How many types of collars are there?

There are many types of collar necklaces, from simple and minimal ones to statement collars. Of course, we can’t list every possible type, but just for you to have an idea, here is what you can expect to find when searching for a collar necklace.

  • Gold or gold plated collars with a polished look and a minimal feel. There are great to match with most of your outfits and are elegant and classy. In this category, you can also find simple silver or platinum collar necklaces, as well as collars from alternative materials.
  • Gemstone collars that feature gems in various settings. From diamonds to pearls and rubies, gemstone collars are appropriate for formal occasions, depending on the stones they feature.
  • Statement chunky collars can also feature gemstones or they can be all-metal. Regardless of this fact, a statement collar necklace is suitable for a night out, a cocktail party or a formal occasion. When wearing one, make sure to tone down the volume of your other jewelry pieces.

Collar necklace styling ideas

Now that you know the main types of collar necklaces, it’s time to get some styling ideas from Ana Luisa.

Wear it with button-down shirts

When you add a collar necklace to a button down shirt, you create a stylish ensemble. Wear your hair up and a pair of cigarette pants to complete your look. Don’t forget your stiletto shoes and clutch at home.

Try it with tube/off-shoulder tops

If you want to make your collar necklace stand out and draw attention to your chest area, wear it with an off-shoulder top. If your necklace features gemstones or an intricate design, keep the top simple. However, if we are talking about a minimal metallic collar, you can wear a colorful tube top or one with an interesting pattern.

Round neck tops also work

Some women prefer to wear their collar necklaces with round neck tops. But there is a catch to achieve an impeccable look. You have to pick a collarless top and wear your necklace as a faux collar. While this look may be too much for hot summer days, for winter days it is perfect. Pick a simple jumper in a neutral color and wear your necklace with style.

Extra style with a wide neck top

Last, but not least, if you want to wear your collar necklace like a true fashion icon, try it with wide neck tops. You can choose a T-shirt, a top or even a dress with a wide neckline. This look goes best with a half-up, half-down hairstyle and simple stud earrings.

One rule you have to keep in mind at all times is that gemstone or patterned collar necklaces look great with plain tops, but not-so-great with printed ones. On the other hand, a simple metallic collar will be great with both plain and printed tops.

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