Simple chain necklaces are part of the essential jewelry pieces that any woman must have. A delicate gold chain necklace can go a long way and help you out of some serious styling dilemmas. The reason we love simple chain necklaces so much is that they are versatile and creative. You can wear a simple necklace as a supporting piece for a pair of statement earrings or you can instantly transform your necklace into a statement piece with a chunky gemstone pendant.

This is why we have dedicated this article to simple chain necklaces and the joy they bring to our lives. Read on to discover how to style necklaces and when to wear a simple gold chain necklace.

Simple chain necklaces for a minimal look

Whether you go to work, to have coffee with your friends or you love simple jewelry, a gold chain necklace must not miss from your jewelry box. When it comes to simple chain necklaces, a golden look is mandatory.

Choose a delicate gold necklace with a beautiful link pattern. A princess-length necklace will always look gorgeous and feminine as it rests in your collarbone. Wear it with a boat neckline blouse in a solid color and add a pair of crystal stud earrings. You can replicate the link pattern of your chain necklace in your bracelet to create a cohesive look. Add a pair of tailored trousers and lacquer pumps and you are ready to rock another day at the office.

Of course, simple chain necklaces are good for casual occasions as well. Nothing looks better than a gold chain necklace with a flowy midi dress and a pair of delicate pearl drop earrings. For those of you who love minimal jewelry and creating impeccable looks, simple chain necklaces are must-haves.

Simple chain necklaces with a statement look

Ever wondered why they call them supporting roles for actors who don’t play the main characters? Because their purpose is to support the main character and they are crucial. Just like a movie can’t feature only main characters, simple chain necklaces are also needed in a supporting role for your statement jewelry.

Just imagine wearing those big gold chandelier earrings with a chunky collar necklace, a statement gemstone cuff, and a cocktail ring. Doesn’t look too pretty, does it? This is one of the many reasons why you need simple chain necklaces. When going to a formal event, for example, wear your big chandelier earrings with a thin gold necklace with an elegant link pattern. You can also wear a gold cuff or a gemstone ring. Your delicate gold chain necklace will shine beautifully while also allowing the earrings to get the main stage. Again, choose a princess-length necklace and wear it with a sweetheart neckline. If you choose a long chain necklace it might clash with the dress or your other jewelry.

Simple chain necklaces for a layered look

Another reason why simple chain necklaces are fabulous is that they allow your creativity to run free. Who said that you could only wear one gold chain necklace? Wear them all at once instead. Well, perhaps not all of them as we wouldn’t want to see you sporting 9 or 10 necklaces at once, but two, three or even four should be fine.

Use your simple chain necklaces to reinvent your look and redefine the purpose of this chic jewelry piece. Play with lengths and choose a medium-sized chain necklace along with an opera one. Or choose a double gold chain necklace and pair it with a thin necklace with a fishbone link pattern. When you layer your simple chain necklaces, the trick is to keep your other jewelry minimal. Stud earrings or even simple linear drop earrings will look great. A ring or perhaps a bracelet that features the same link pattern as one of your necklaces will help you create a cohesive look.

Simple chain necklace with powerful colors or prints

Last, but not least, simple chain necklaces are also great for your print tees and vibrant blouses. As you probably know, even when you don’t wear statement jewelry, your look can get too busy because of the print or color of your clothes clash with the necklace. Sometimes, the print of the blouse or even its color can clash with even a pendant necklace but this is not the case with simple chain necklaces.


Even an animal-print blouse will look chic with a simple gold chain necklace. And that magenta tee that you’ve never been able to style with your jewelry? It will look gorgeous with a simple gold chain necklace, a pair of crop jeans and gold stud earrings. Yes, now you can wear those hot summer colors or those fantastic prints and wear jewelry as well. Keep in mind that not only your necklace has to be simple, but also your earrings, ring, and bracelets, if you are wearing any.

If you enjoyed reading about simple chain necklaces, check out the rest of the articles on this blog. You will find a lot of informational content that will help your style your jewelry perfectly and achieve an impeccable look every single time you go out. To get any of the creations featured in this article and see more unique gold chain necklaces, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. You will discover a universe of gorgeous jewelry that will inspire you to create the best looks.

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