You can find a lot of 10k gold jewelry on the market and, most of the times, it looks great. But is it a good option among all the different jewelry metals? Is 10k gold jewelry a good option for you? Because many people ask themselves these questions, we have decided to share some facts with you so that you can make an informed choice. Read further to discover the pros and cons of buying 10k gold jewelry and what you should expect.

What is 10k gold jewelry?

For those of you who don’t know, the gold purity of a jewelry piece is measured in karats. In a nutshell, there are several karat types that let you know how much gold that jewelry piece contains.

  • 24k means 100% pure gold. However, because gold is a soft metal, you won’t find 24k gold jewelry. It would be inefficient to create it as it will easily get bent and scratched.
  • 22k is the highest amount of gold a jewelry piece can contain. It means that 91.6% of the content of the piece is gold, while the rest is an alloy meant to strengthen it. On some pieces of jewelry, instead of the 22k marking, you will notice the European 916 hallmark. This refers to the same thing and is specific to 22k gold jewelry.
  • 18k (or 750 in European marking) means that there is an amount of 75% gold in your jewelry piece.
  • 14k, also known as 585, signals that the amount of gold in your jewelry piece is 58.5%
  • 10k or 417 means that you guessed it, there is 41.7% gold in the jewelry piece

10k gold is the minimum amount of gold a piece can contain and be labeled as gold jewelry. However, this is true for the U.S. Some countries of the world as accept 9k gold as gold jewelry (37.5% gold).

10k gold jewelry pros

Now that you know that 10k gold jewelry means that you get 41.7% gold, it’s time to see what the advantages of buying this type of jewelry are. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the fact that 10k contains the least amount of gold. As it turns out, there are some interesting advantages to that.

Durability of 10k gold jewelry

It is only logical than 10k gold jewelry is the most durable type of gold jewelry. Because it contains the least amount of gold, it means that it contains a high amount of the strengthening alloy. As a result, this type of jewelry is harder than 22k or 18k gold. It does not scratch easily and prongs using this type of gold tend to be more durable than 18k prongs, for example. When buying gold jewelry, durability is a factor you should consider, especially if you mean to wear to every day.

Price of 10k gold jewelry

Once again, because this type of jewelry contains only 41.7% gold, it is more affordable than other types of gold jewelry. Between an 18k and a 10k gold ring that both weight 10 grams, you will pay less for the 10k piece.

The durability and affordable price for 10k gold jewelry make it a great choice if you are looking to spruce up your jewelry collection.

10k gold jewelry cons

So if 10k gold jewelry is more durable and affordable, why do people keep buying 18 or 22k? Because, as with every choice, 10k gold jewelry has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the main cons of buying 10k gold jewelry.

Allergic reactions

There are people who get allergic reactions to the nickel you can find in gold alloys. Naturally, the less gold a piece contains, the more alloy, including nickel. If your skin has an allergic reaction to nickel, then it’s best to buy higher karat gold pieces that contain less nickel (like 18 and 22k). Of course, if you can find a 10k gold piece without nickel, you are safe to buy it. However, most gold jewelry pieces are not nickel-free.

Not-so-rich color

You know gold for its vivid yellow color that attracts and mesmerizes people. If you are looking for that color, you will not find it in a 10k gold jewelry piece. With only 41.7% gold, its color will be less vivid than in the case of a 22k gold piece. Of course, it will still be golden and it will still look great. But if you are part of the people who prefer intense gold jewelry pieces, look at other options, such as 18k or 22k gold pieces.

I hope we have answered your questions regarding whether you should buy 10k gold jewelry or not. If you want to read more jewelry advice, check out our other articles as well. To view our unique jewelry collection, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry boutique.

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