With almost two weeks left until Christmas, you are starting to feel that holiday rush. A jewelry gift box is a nice idea, but it is still difficult to choose the right present. There are a lot of people you want to buy presents for, but have no inspiration? Should you buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry? Should you get them fashion jewelry? Or something else altogether? While we can’t help you with the men in your family and circle of friends (sorry, guys, Ana Luisa is a women’s jewelry brand), we can offer some help with the ladies. Read further to find out why offering jewelry is a good idea and what makes a good jewelry gift box.

Why offering jewelry for Christmas is a good idea

Offering a jewelry gift box for Christmas may be a wonderful idea. Firstly, jewelry is personal. It speaks about the style of the person and about how you see them. A classy piece of jewelry that matches their style shows you pay attention and it is much more personal than a photo frame or something similar.

Secondly, every woman loves jewelry. They may love classic pieces or statement ones, but jewelry is a universally beloved gift. All you have to do is match their style and you will be sure that your gift will be appreciated. Offering a jewelry gift box for Christmas is also a thoughtful present and comes in handy for that amazing New Year’s party. Last, but not least, offering the right jewelry gift box for Christmas is ensuring that your present won’t get returned. After all, nobody can resist the power of a beautiful jewelry piece.

4 tips for the best jewelry gift box

Now that we’ve established a jewelry gift box is a fantastic Christmas present, let’s see how you can find the perfect one for your dear ones. We have some interesting insights to share with you, so continue to read further. It will surprise you to find out that what’s inside the box matters as much as how it looks on the outside and how you offer it.

What do you put inside the jewelry gift box?

This may be the hardest question to answer, but not if you follow our advice. The first thing you should do is take a quick peek in the jewelry box of the woman you want to offer the gift to. Get a sense of her style, her ring size and her preferred backing for earrings. This information will come in handy when you buy the jewelry gift box. Next, you should do a little bit of research to find out pieces that match her style. Browse the online jewelry shops, read about materials and gemstones. If you want to make it even more personal, pick a jewelry design that features their birthstone.

How does the jewelry gift box need to look on the outside?

This is an important question as you can’t exactly offer jewelry wrapped in a plastic bag. The jewelry gift box needs to be classy and interesting. You can choose an elegant design for your mother, a blend of red and gold to signify Christmas. For your best friends, for example, you can choose a creative design, something handmade or artistic. For your little sister, you can pick a cartoon-inspired design. There are many options to choose from, but it’s important to consider the design of the jewelry gift box.

Also, another important fact to consider is the lining. Your loved one may prefer to keep the jewelry piece in its jewelry gift box. In this case, choose a design with a soft cotton or velvet lining that will protect the piece from scratches.

Don’t forget to include a note

Your jewelry gift box needs to also feature a personal note. It’s best to write it by hand and include a funny or thoughtful message. People love it when they receive personal messages and it will be a nice surprise, besides the content of the jewelry gift box. Try to write something about the piece and why you thought it would be ideal for the one you are offering it to. Include a charming or funny message. If you are feeling artistic, you can also draw something.

How to give the jewelry gift box

If it’s a present for Christmas, then that’s easy, isn’t it? You simply put it under the Christmas tree. But you can also get creative when offering it. You can wrap it in multiple boxes to make it seem like a very big present and play a funny trick on your beloved one. Another great idea would be to hang the jewelry gift box from the tree and wait for your mother or sister to discover it among the Christmas decorations. And, of course, you can also offer it personally on the Christmas morning. Pay attention to all these details and you will manage to offer the perfect gift this Christmas.

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