Aries jewelry is like the women born under this sign – surprising, feisty and adventurous. We know you didn’t think of jewelry as having anything to do with your astrological sign, but we beg to differ. Your sign influences your personality and what is jewelry but a reflection of some of our personality traits? If you want to find out more about it, learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry and discover fantastic Aries jewelry pieces, read further. We have prepared an interesting article for you where you will discover the perfect Aries jewelry inspiration.

Aries & Aries Jewelry

An element of fire, Aries women know what they want and how to get it. They are independent, fun and feisty. Many people know that they should never start an argument with an Aries woman because they have little chances of winning it. Aries have a great sense of adventure and they adore traveling and discovering new places. They especially like climbing and other activities that offer some adventure. Unpredictable, with big hearts and always ready for a new challenge, Aries women know how to make a statement.

Their style can be flashy at times, but always classy. Whether they wear a simple tee, jeans and a pair of sneakers or a black silk gown, they have a certain elegance that comes from within. Most of the times they prefer comfortable clothes and jewelry, but they also dress very elegantly when the occasion fits.

Aries Earrings

When it comes to Aries jewelry, think about gold designs. They love gold dangle earrings or simple studs. Aries women are not too big on gemstones, but they will never refuse to wear pearls. This being said, a great Aries jewelry piece is this pair of fabulous solid gold hoops. Handcrafted in 14k solid gold, these oversized hoops are fun, bold and elegant – just like you are. Wear them with a subtle pendant necklace, a gold chain bracelet, a pair of high-waist jeans, and your pastel crop top to create a fresh and beautiful look.

solid gold hoops

Another great example of a fabulous Aries jewelry piece is this pair of gold earrings. With a unique design, an ideal medium size that works for business meetings as well, and a sleek look, these earrings will make you feel elegant and fabulous. They will look stunning with your pearl necklace and sharp off-white suit.

Alternatively, you can get Aries jewelry that features your astrological sign. These Aries gold hoop earrings have a beautiful gold charm with your zodiac sign. They are both fun and classy and you can style them easily. Wear them to work or when you grab coffee with your bestie. They are versatile enough to work on many occasions.

Aries Bracelets

Aries jewelry is always glamorous, no matter how simple the design is. A great example is this fabulous gold chain bracelet that will grab attention wherever you go. With a simple and sleek design and an interesting link pattern, this bracelet will look great with your favorite cocktail ring. Try it with a tank top, a pair of leather shorts and your favorite sneakers to get a fun casual look.

If you want to try on more Aries jewelry, what do you say about this charm bracelet that features your astrological sign? This classy gold chain bracelet has a single charm where you can see the Aries sign carved artistically. Delicate, elegant and unique, this charm bracelet is that everyday accessory that you never want to take off. Get this Aries jewelry piece to show off your zodiac sign and remind people that they shouldn’t mess with you.

Aries Necklaces

When it comes to Aries jewelry and necklaces, we have a single word for you – layered. Aries women love statement necklaces and the layered trend allows them to wear multiple necklaces and create a statement piece. So here’s a great Aries jewelry suggestion for you. This fabulous onyx layered necklace set features three necklaces – a ball drop design with an onyx gemstone pendant, an oversized link design with a coin pendant and a delicate gold chain necklace with a Virgin Mary pendant.

necklaces for woman

If you are looking for Aries jewelry that features pearls, here’s another idea for you. This fab pearl necklace features a frontal gold toggle clasp that offers it a contemporary and unique look. Wear it with a black silk blouse, a midi pencil skirt and a pair of stiletto shoes to create an unforgettable first impression the next time you go to a cocktail party.

Aries Rings

Aries jewelry is powerful and exudes confidence. And, as a matter of fact, so is this fantastic onyx ring. Featuring a black onyx gemstone, this gold onyx ring makes for fabulous Aries jewelry. You can wear it with an off-white lace dress and black stiletto shoes to create a contrasting chic look. Wear a pair of medium-sized earrings and a gold collar necklace to complete the look. This black onyx ring is a great example of perfect Aries jewelry.

rings for woman

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