Whether you believe or not in astrological signs, zodiac jewelry is trending this season. Forget about tiny charms on bracelets, this year’s zodiac jewelry is all about visibility. Jewelry designers around the world have declared their love for astrological signs and we agree with them. A zodiac jewelry piece has a unique charm and it tells a story about the wearer. If you are not convinced yet, read further to learn not only how to buy precious jewelry metals, but also why a zodiac-inspired piece should never miss from your jewelry box.

Why Should You Get a Zodiac Jewelry Piece?

For those of you who take their morning coffee with a side of today’s predictions, the answer is very clear. You believe in the mysterious influences of astrological signs and you want to show it with a classy zodiac jewelry piece. But what about people who don’t necessarily believe in astrological signs? Should you also wear zodiac jewelry? The answer is yes.

Leaving the astrological signs apart, a classy zodiac jewelry piece is artistic. It features the sign in high details and the effect can be amazing. Of course, we are talking about carvings in metal or drawings, not colored beads with astrological signs. Another reason is that, even if you don’t believe in the yearly or monthly predictions, astrology is much more than that. It speaks about personality traits that you may empathize with. It’s always nice to wear a jewelry piece that tells a story about yourself and zodiac jewelry does just that. Last, but not least, zodiac jewelry is trending this season. We see more and more creations featuring interesting astrological signs so it’s time for you to see what this trend is about.

When it comes to offering jewelry, a zodiac jewelry piece is a thoughtful gift. It shows that you pay attention to details and feels like a very personal present. Everybody loves to receive a custom gift, after all.

Zodiac Jewelry Pieces that You Will Love

Now that you want to dive into this trend, it’s time to see what options you have. With zodiac jewelry, the classic option is to get a tiny charm which you can hang from your bracelet. But as this trend has evolved a lot, now you can find zodiac earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings as well. All you need to know is where to look.

Zodiac Earrings

If you are unsure whether a zodiac jewelry piece will match your style or not, the safe option is to get a tiny pair of zodiac studs. However, if you want to get the most of two fantastic trends, then you should really buy a pair of gold zodiac hoops.

As you know, hoop earrings were last year’s craze and guess what? This year you will also see a lot of hoops in different sizes and styles. A medium-sized pair of zodiac hoops is a gorgeous addition to your jewelry box. You can style them easily and wear them to work, parties or nights out with your friends. Pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail, add a dainty gold necklace and your favorite pair of jeans and you have a great outfit for happy hour with your friends. You can also wear your zodiac jewelry with a more elegant outfit, like a midi black dress and an open collar necklace.

Zodiac Bracelets

With the classic charm bracelet, you have a lot of symbols that are representative for you. However, if you want to make a statement with your zodiac jewelry, choose a simple chain bracelet with a single charm that features your astrological sign. The trick is that the charm needs to be large enough so that it catches attention. A zodiac bracelet can look very elegant when you pair it with a solitaire pearl ring, a silk blouse and a pair of tailored trousers. You can also stack your zodiac bracelet with other bracelets like chunky cuffs, thin gold bangles, and beaded bracelets.

Zodiac Rings

A zodiac ring is a signet ring that has the astrological sign carved on the flat frontal surface. While zodiac earrings and bracelets were harder to find before this trend emerged, people have always worn zodiac rings. Of course, this season’s rings are an upgrade from the previous designs and you can find very elegant and classy zodiac rings. With this type of zodiac jewelry, you need to skip on the bracelet so that your ring can receive the attention it deserves. You can, however, wear a layered necklace and a pair of simple gold studs to complete the outfit.

Zodiac Necklaces

With this type of zodiac jewelry, you get a lot of freedom. You can wear a simple chain necklace with a zodiac pendant or you can go for a layered look and wear a zodiac necklace along with other necklace styles. If a statement necklace is what you are looking for, then try a chunky collar that features your astrological sign.

It’s important, when wearing zodiac jewelry, to choose a single zodiac piece and match it with other pieces from your jewelry box. If you wear a pair of zodiac earrings along with a zodiac ring and necklace, it may read as too much. After all, no matter how much you love astrology, you still need to create a chic look with fun accents. Your zodiac jewelry needs to be an accent to your look or even the focal point, but this doesn’t mean that you need to shower yourself in it.

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