Scorpio jewelry style is fearless and sexy. A Scorpio woman loves big and bold jewelry but only if the pieces scream luxury. Scorpio women live for turning heads. They want you to know that they are better than you but they won’t say it right to your face. Instead, they let their Scorpio jewelry style speak for them.

Scorpios have a magnetic energy. You cannot look away but looking at them is sometimes blinding, as well. Perhaps that has to do with all the bling that they are wearing. Scorpio women don’t shy away from piling on the jewelry. After all, they love being the center of attention. Want to show that you are powerful career woman that lives for luxury and learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry? Channel the Scorpio’s sense of power with these Scorpio jewelry tips.

What Is Scorpio Jewelry Style?

Luxury, sexy, power. These are the three words that we cannot emphasize enough when it comes to Scorpio jewelry style. Think designer logos, fine jewelry, solid gold and deep colored gemstones.

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And think big! Scorpio jewelry is all about statement pieces. If possible, wear several statement pieces at the same time. After all, they don’t seem so big when pairing them together. The important thing is that each piece is gold. Preferably solid gold but gold plated jewelry works, too. You rarely find a Scorpio wearing any metal other than gold. In fact, Scorpios are quite attached to their routines. Once they find what Scorpio jewelry works for them, they stick to it like glue. This is why you don’t see a Scorpio jewelry collection changing with the seasons. She has a signature style and slays with it every time.

Scorpio jewelry also involves a lot of semi-precious and precious stones. Other than diamonds, darker gemstones are also a key component of Scorpio jewelry. Think onyx, dark green jade, topaz and of course the fiery red ruby.

What you don’t find in a Scorpio’s jewelry collection is bold color combinations and bright soft colored semi-precious stones. The color block collar necklaces or multicolored chandelier earrings are not in a Scorpio’s arsenal. Lots of colors takes away from the luxurious air of Scorpio jewelry.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Scorpio

Like we said, Scorpio jewelry is all about statement pieces. This season is fantastic for a Scorpio because designers are falling in love again with big chunky gold jewelry.

Scorpios love a gold collar necklace. They wear this collar necklace like an armor. It is a strong jewelry piece and with the right styling oh so sexy. Try combining a gold collar necklace with a low cut top, for example.

Chunky bangles are right up the alley of a Scorpio. Think of fun pieces in geometric shapes. This creates texture. A solid gold bangle also makes your look more luxurious. Of course, among Scorpio jewelry you will also find subtle gold chain bracelets. For example, this beautiful Scorpio bracelet makes for great Scorpio jewelry with its artistic charm and delicate but sturdy chain link.

Stackable rings are unmissable from a Scorpio jewelry collection. A true Scorpio woman has a gold ring in every shape and style. Most of the rings also have big rocks on them. It is one of the reasons why a Scorpio likes talking with their hands.

The chunky link chain trend is also a perfect example of Scorpio jewelry. Only what a Scorpio does is wear an entire set of chunky link chains. Yep, she wears the earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings all at the same time.

Stay Golden, Girl

Bring out your inner luxurious Scorpio soul by sticking to gold. A Scorpio woman wastes no time on silver or leather jewelry. She also has no particular interest in sequins or pearls.

Gold jewelry is definitive of Scorpio jewelry style. We are talking about yellow gold. Not rose gold or white gold, just classic yellow gold. Like we said, Scorpios don’t change what they know already works. Drown yourself in gold, darling. You deserve this royal color.

And when it comes to Scorpio jewelry and earrings, you should definitely check out these Scorpio hoop earrings. Delicate, golden and with a contemporary touch, these earrings will become your next favorite Scorpio jewelry piece.

Stick to Rich Warm Colors

Deep warm tints like aubergine, burgundy, chocolate brown and of course gold have a more luxurious quality than soft pastels and bright colors. Use these darker color in both your clothing and your jewelry pieces.

Scorpio jewelry style looks rich and doesn’t risk looking anything other than luxurious. Your jewelry always looks luxe if you stick to gold pieces and wear them with warm tones and tailored clothing.

We are not saying that you need a whole new budget to bring out the Scorpio jewelry style. Besides, no one needs to know that you snapped up your jewelry pieces during a designer sale or from an antique shop.

Perhaps that is the best part of a Scorpio’s style. Sticking to a few simple style rules gives you a canvas for bringing out the strong sexy woman inside of you.

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