The color of this season is gold. 14k gold jewelry reigns supreme in jewelry trends this spring and summer. Gold is the standard for every trend you see on the runway. Whether it is over the top earrings, open collar necklaces, nature inspired pieces or even pearls and sea shells. Each hot trend translates into gold designs.

We are all for the 14k gold jewelry revolution. When we fall in love with jewelry pieces, we want them to last forever. Thanks to 14k gold, we can keep wearing our favorites for years. 14 karats is one of the most durable compositions of gold. Meaning, when you buy into this runway trend, you have a jewelry piece that lasts several seasons.

Want to know which pieces to buy in 14 karat gold? We looked at all the hottest jewelry trends this season. From there, we selected the styles that we think will last more than a minute. All for your benefit. Read on to find out which jewelry designs made the cut and how to buy fine jewelry metals.

  1. The Future of the Collar Necklace is Open

We are not ready to say goodbye to short necklaces just yet. Though we are graduating from the chokers, we are sticking close with collar necklaces. The new 14k gold jewelry evolution of collar necklaces? Open collar necklaces, sometimes with strands of gemstones.

The open collar necklace is chunky and cool. Imagine thick textured bands with elaborate details at each end. The ends of the open collar necklace are a show on their own. Think big gemstones, gold dipped sea shells or strands of gemstones.

Traditionally, collar necklaces sit above your collar bone. They still do, per definition. However, now that the 14k gold jewelry trend demands more glam, collar necklaces extend further down. Asymmetry is still stylish. You see asymmetry a lot in open collar necklaces. For example, one end can have an intricate goldwork detail while the other end is a string of baroque pearls.

freshwater pearls

  1. 14k Gold Jewelry Inspired by Nature

A popular theme this season is nature because spring is our cue to spend more time outdoors. With all that beauty surrounding us, it is no wonder that nature inspired jewelry is trending. Think of the skies in stars and moons, flowers and branches.

All of nature’s finest is having a 14k gold jewelry makeover. Pendant necklaces, flower studs, a moon on a ring, all these pieces are now shiny gold. That doesn’t mean that they are not colorful, though. Nature is full of color and this color translates into the new jewelry designs. Mixing colored gemstones is still trending in 2019 so expect nature inspired pieces in gold and semi-precious stones.

Want a unique detail to nature inspired jewelry? Combine the gold with wood details. For example, a gold chain bracelet with a small dark wood block. Or wear a layered necklace where one of the pendants is wooden with gold string wrapped around it. The lightweight gold balances out the heavier looking wood detail.

  1. Pearls, the Golden Child of Jewelry

Non classic pearls are still going strong in 2019. One way that designers are keeping pearls modern is by keeping them as an unexpected detail on 14k gold jewelry. One of our favorite examples is a baroque pearl on asymmetrical hoop earrings.

Non classic pearls pair well with classic 14k gold jewelry pieces. For example, the traditional pearl pendant necklace is more modern with a large single black pearl. Pearl drop earrings are now even more glam with colorful gemstones set in gold. Think of all the jewelry essentials and imagine them with pearls. How much prettier does that look?

Portland jewelers

Pearls and gold are the perfect marriage. The key to staying modern with this traditional pair is to look for unexpected combinations. Skip the round white pearls and go for the odd shapes and colors instead.

  1. PSA: Sea Shells are Gold Now

Okay, we know that sea shells are not naturally gold. On the runways they are, though. This is because the 14k gold jewelry trend is taking over everything. Even the prettiest gifts from the sea. Designers are choosing gold dipped sea shells for this spring. This is how you upgrade your relaxed beach look to fierce street style.

There are two ways to adopt this trend. Either look for 14k gold jewelry where sea shells are a detail or choose to go all in with big bold gold sea shells. Gold sea shells work especially well in a statement earring. You can either go for asymmetry with two dangling shell earrings or wear just one big beautiful gold shell.

Not yet convinced that sea shells are not exclusive to vacation style? No worries, love. Just look for jewelry pieces with solid gold shell shaped details.

14k gold jewelry is beautiful, durable and very chic. They say that this is year is the golden year and we couldn’t agree more. However, you should find the designs that you love and upgrade your jewelry box with the hottest new 14k gold jewelry pieces. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our blog posts as well. We publish daily content for your inspiration, so get reading. If you want to see any of the creations featured in here and discover more designer solid gold jewelry creations, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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