Cancer jewelry style is classic and carries meaning. They are an emotional star sign so heirlooms and romantic jewelry pieces are what makes their jaw drop.

Don’t try picking up one of those multi-packs of hoop earrings for Miss Cancer. Though super handy to every other living soul, they are not a Cancer’s style.

So what jewelry pieces are the perfect match for a Cancer? Read on to find out what the zodiac says on the best Cancer jewelry pieces and to learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

What Is Cancer Jewelry Style?

If you’re a Cancer then you might already know that your style is a reflection of your emotions. Most days you love light dresses and soft fabrics but when you need to toughen up you wear your clothes like an armor.

This translates directly to your Cancer jewelry style, as well. One day you are wearing sweet pearl pendants and the next day you are rocking a midnight blue velvet choker. No matter your mood though, there is always a feminine touch.

As for Cancer colors, you prefer pastels and yellow gold over bright color blocking and mixing metals. When you do wear a statement piece then it is likely something passed down for generations in your family or an antique jewelry piece you found during a trip.

pearl pendant

In short, Cancer jewelry style is classic, subtle and well-made. She wants the pieces to last forever which is why you won’t find a Cancer jumping to try a new trend. Fine jewelry pieces trump everything for a Cancer.

And speaking of classy and subtle jewelry pieces, these fabulous Cancer hoop earrings are exactly what you need in your jewelry box. Style these Cancer jewelry piece with your other favorite creations to obtain your usual elegant and feminine style.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Cancer

In a Cancer jewelry collection the favorites are the pieces that are perfect for every day and occasion. A Cancer likes wearing versatile pieces that don’t scream for attention but still make the overall look elegant.

A Cancer cherishes each and every piece in her collection. This is why a lot of her Cancer jewelry pieces are either solid gold or sterling silver. They also like soft colored gemstones and enjoy taking care of the stone.

Moonstone and Cancer women is a match made in the galaxies. They both represent spirituality, femininity and hidden strength. This is why a gold ring inlaid with an oval moonstone is a classic Cancer jewelry piece.

moonstone ring

Beside rings, Cancers also love pretty pendant necklaces. A pendant is very representative of the Cancer jewelry so choose one with great care. Think of perfect round pearls on a small chain necklace or a stamped coin necklace.

Cancers also gravitate towards soft curves and symmetry in their jewelry. This is why a ball chain is a popular style for necklaces and bracelets with Cancers. This is how you can bring structure to your pieces without adding gemstones or enamel.

gold vermeil

Wear Romantic Pieces with Gemstones

Nothing says commitment and long term relationships like gemstones that are created over centuries. This is why gemstones fit perfectly into a Cancer jewelry collection. We already mentioned moonstone but there are more magical precious and semi-precious stones that are fit for a Cancer.

Of course, diamonds are an obvious choice for Cancers. However, you will also find light green jade, amber and pearls in a Cancer jewelry collection. These are all traditional gemstones that last for generations.

Even though gold is the always the first choice of a Cancer, we dare you to experiment more with velvet. Velvet is a very romantic fabric and is a pretty alternative for romantic jewelry. Try a thin velvet choker with pearl detailing or a gold and velvet braided bracelet.

Romantic jewelry has a softness while still being intricate. So, choose pieces that are lightweight with lots of details in the gold. Also, when wearing semi-precious stones, choose a piece that has several smaller stones rather than one large rock.

Start a Charm Bracelet Collection

Okay, so charm bracelets are not the most subtle jewelry piece but we think a charm bracelet is a wonderful piece of Cancer jewelry. Why? Because Cancers look for the meaning of the jewelry piece just as much as the style.

A charm bracelet is a very personalized piece of jewelry because each and every single charm is there for a reason. Starting on a charm bracelet is a great way for you to collect memories. What is more meaningful than a unique Cancer jewelry piece that is completely inspired by your life?

Cute ideas for charms are symbols of places you’ve gone on vacation to like the Eiffel Tower or the state flower from your hometown. Include your favorite people with the first letter of their name. Don’t forget to add a charm with the zodiac symbol for Cancers. It has the symmetric round shapes that you love and represents you to a T.

Of course, if you want to place emphasis on your star sign, choose this charm Cancer bracelet that features a single Charm with your astrological sign. Classy, elegant and feminine, this bracelet makes for great Cancer jewelry.

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