Mothers Day jewelry is the perfect way to show your mom that she is special to you. Beautiful jewelry gifts are thoughtful and so very exciting to open. Choose a piece of jewelry for your mom that symbolizes your relationship.

You don’t even have to do a ton of research, this year. Read on to discover how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry and make the most of the spring trends. Lots of runway hot trends actually make for stunning Mother’s Day gifts. Tell your mama to expect a very stylish year with these top ideas for Mothers Day jewelry.

  1. Showing Your Roots with Mothers Day Jewelry

Nature necklaces are trending this spring so give your mom a gift that is both stylish and meaningful. A necklace with branches or a tree signifies your mother being your roots. Another popular symbol is the tree of life meaning wisdom. After all, momma knows best.

Choose a simple design for mothers day jewelry that she can easily match with her other pieces. Gold plated pendants are always a safe bet. Or let your mom feel extra special with a minimalist 14k gold nature inspired necklace.

  1. For the Woman with the Biggest Heart

Mothers have the uncanny ability to text you just when you need her the most. It probably has to do with you always being in her heart. So, what better way to show her you love her than with mothers day jewelry. Luckily for her, heart jewelry is making a comeback, just in time for Mother’s Day.

heart necklace

Pick up a pair of heart drop earrings or a heart pendant. Like the nature necklace, gold is the way to go. Prefer a more colorful alternative to match your mother’s colorful personality? Then choose an enamel heart. Enamel jewelry is a chic way of adding color to jewelry. It even eyes a little vintage.

  1. A Bracelet for Your True Best Friend

Let’s be honest, the only friend that truly stands by your side through it all is mommy dearest. You may not tell her every single little detail but she’s the first one you call for the important big stuff. Even the little stuff, actually. Like, how do you get a red wine stain out of a sheep’s wool carpet? The dog knocked it over. You weren’t tipsy, obviously.

So, prove to her that she is your best friend with the cutest Mothers Day jewelry, a friendship bracelet. Give a nod to the traditional weaved friendship bracelets with a delicate velvet and gold chain braided bracelet. Choose each other’s favorite color for the velvet or pick the one in versatile white.

  1. Mother’s Pearls but Modern

Your mother probably already has a pair of pearl earrings. It is after all an essential jewelry collection item. So why is this still one of our favorite ideas for Mothers Day jewelry? Because you can’t go wrong with classics. Since pearls are unmissable from the spring jewelry trends, it is time to give your mother’s pearls an upgrade.

Non-classic pearl earrings are more fun and fresh. Think baroque pearls, pearl details on silver drop earrings or pearls combined with colorful gemstones. Show your mother that trying new fashionable things is okay. No one said she cannot change her style. Give her a nudge into 2019 with a set of modern pearl earrings.

  1. A Subtle Version of the Chunky Chain Trend

Chunky chain necklaces are only getting bigger this season. Now, our mothers are pretty cool but somehow we have a little difficulty seeing them wear a chain so chunky that a rapper would wear it. This trend does give us another idea for Mothers Day jewelry, though. A gold or silver chain bracelet is the subtler version of the big chain trend. A mom approved alternative, let’s say.

san jose jewelers

A link chain bracelet is a classic design that works with many styles. Follow the trend of going big when your mom is not afraid of wearing bling. In that case, let her have that baller moment. Choose smaller links when you think she prefers minimalist jewelry or likes to stack bracelets.

  1. Precious Mothers Day Jewelry: Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are always a good gift idea. As Mothers Day jewelry, a semi-precious stone ring carries a lot of meaning. You decide what you want the ring to symbolize. A traditional present is a ring with your mother’s birthstone or your own birthstone.

Another popular gemstone is moonstone. Moonstone is a sweet pearly white color that represents feminine energy, healing and caring. It’s a very suitable Mother’s Day gift. After all, your mother has the magical ability to make you feel better when you need it the most.

moonstone ring

Offering Mothers Day jewelry to your mom is deeply personal and it shows that you pay attention. Every single time she wears your gift, she will think of you and know how much she means to you. If you want to feel even closer to her, get matching pieces so that both of you share a reminder of how important your relationship is.

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