Leo jewelry is just like the queen of the Savannah: fierce, sexy and the center of attention. You are not one to shy away from making a bold statement. In fact, you live for the bling.

Leos are the most recognizable zodiac sign because they are simply hard to miss. A Leo lady is your favorite party girlfriend. Maybe because you can spot her in any crowd in the club. Know what else you can see from a mile away? Her bling-bling! Just like her fashion sense, her jewelry is big, bold and bright.

Want to bring out the inner lioness in you with Leo jewelry? Read on to find out what jewelry pieces let you conquer any occasion. Discover how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry based on your astrological sign.

What Is Leo Jewelry Style?

We love Leo jewelry style because you are never scared to take a risk. A wild new jewelry trend? So much fun to try! Unexpected colors and pattern mixing? Everything matches when you wear it fiercely!

You can find the biggest rocks on a Leo. She loves diamonds – the bigger, the better. But pairing together different colored gemstones is one of your favorite looks, too.

According to a Leo, there is no such thing as colors that don’t match. This is why an orange dress and amethyst earrings is just another Saturday brunch look for you. You are also not scared to go full-on with one color. Nothing says Leo more than a sexy red power suit with a matching ruby jewelry set.

Other than gemstones and colors, Leo jewelry style is all about big statement pieces. Imagine the biggest hoop earrings, crawlers and two-finger rings. Also, think of a stack of bangles and layered necklaces worn like an armor.

solid gold hoops

When it comes to jewelry trends, a Leo is daring enough to copy a look straight from the runway. They don’t see the need to tone it down for a more streetwear look. No honey, the world is the runway for a Leo and her precious Leo jewelry.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Leo

The favorite jewelry piece of a Leo is not a sweet and simple piece of jewelry. That is too boring for true Leo jewelry. A Leo’s favorite jewelry pieces are big and loud statement pieces.

Shoulder-grazing hoop earrings are about the right size for a Leo woman. She rocks them in plain gold but they are even better with a pattern inside the circle. The current trend of chunky open hoops are also right up her alley.

These Leo hoop earrings also make for great Leo jewelry. Classy, bold and artistic, they are great to wear with a chunky collar necklace.

Two-finger rings are another Leo jewelry favorite. They are bad ass and have more impact than stacked rings. Again, a Leo gravitates towards gold pieces but gemstones are always welcome.

Enamel jewelry pieces are another characteristic Leo jewelry style. This combines two of her favorites: color and gold. Enamel cuff bracelets are statement pieces that make you feel strong. So are enamel collar necklaces.

Layer Colors and Necklace Styles

A Leo woman is strong and this shines through in her jewelry choices. Like we said, she will layer on the pieces to create her own stylishly bold armor.

We love it when a Leo goes all out with her layered necklace. There are no rules for true Leo jewelry style. Wear necklaces of mixed metals with different colored gemstones.

december jewelry

Here is a good trick for keeping your overall jewelry look flawless. Wear a different gemstone with each jewelry piece but stick to the same style. For example, each piece is made of brass circles but each with a different gemstone.

Also, try to play with thicknesses in your Leo jewelry. For example, a thicker sequined choker with a chunky chain necklace and thinner gold chains with pendants in between. This style trick also works for stacking bracelets and rings.

We also admire your skill of putting together different colored gemstones. Try amping it up further by mixing with sea shells dipped in gold or different colored pearls. Don’t forget to also wear a simple Leo jewelry piece that ties your look together.

For example, this beautiful Leo bracelet is not only an ideal Leo jewelry piece, but also a great creation to wear with your statement earrings and cocktail rings.

Pair Luxury Designer Pieces with Something Unexpected

Now, we know that designer pieces are unmissable from a Leo jewelry collection. Leos love luxury so expect jewelry pieces with logos in her jewelry box. These pieces are great for showing the world that you are a true fashionista. But, how about we give your jewelry look an extra X factor?

Do something unexpected and mix the fancy designer pieces with unique jewelry. Think of one-of-a-kind pieces you only find in that cute boutique. Or, browse online for handmade Leo jewelry by fresh, young and independent designers.

Another way to pair luxurious jewelry with something unexpected is to keep your clothing casual. That diamond pendant necklace? Wear it with your comfy jeans and favorite V-neck tee. Your sapphire earrings? They look just perfect with a soft sweater dress and suede boots.

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