When Meghan Markle was spotted wearing evil eye jewelry, a new jewelry craze was born. Everybody wanted a jewelry piece with an artistically designed evil eye and we understand why. If you too are obsessed about evil eye jewelry, then keep on reading. This article is about styling fine gemstone jewelry and finding that perfect evil eye design. Discover the fascinating history of this symbol, as well as four gorgeous evil eye designs by Ana Luisa.

The history of evil eye jewelry

Even though we call it the “evil eye”, this is a symbol of protection. The evil eye originated in the Mediterranean zone, which is why both Greeks and Italians claim it. Long story short, the evil eye is both an amulet and a way of getting rid of your enemies. It acts as an amulet, keeping bad energy away from you, but its stare is always directed towards people you dislike. 

In the Greek Classical antiquity, the evil eye was usually painted on vessels. Later, it became an amulet that people would hang in their houses to protect themselves from evil. It was still early on when people started wearing the evil eye as jewelry and they are still doing it today. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, the evil eye has taken over the jewelry world. And we are happy about it because we could all use some protection these days. 

Whether you refer to its Greek name (mati) or its Italian one (malocchio), the evil eye remains a symbol of protection as well as a beautiful design when it comes to jewelry. 

4 evil eye jewelry pieces by Ana Luisa

We promised you inspiration when it comes to buying evil eye designs, so here it is. Whether you love delicate stud earrings, statement rings or dainty, we have four gorgeous designs to share with you. 

Mini Evil Eye Sapphire Studs

gold vermeil

Handcrafted in sterling silver and dipped in 18k gold, these gorgeous stud earrings also feature center white sapphires that shimmer beautifully. 

If you’d love to try the evil jewelry trend but want to keep it subtle, then these earrings are for you. Accessorize them with a pearl pendant and a thin gold bracelet to get a chic and delicate look. Also, if you have long hair, wear it in a ponytail or a messy updo to let your sapphire studs be visible. If you have more than one piercing in each ear, then you can also stack your earrings to create a rebellious look. These evil eye studs would look great with mini hoops or even linear drop earrings. Stay protected from evil while being fashionable at the same time with Ana Luisa’s evil eye sapphire studs.  

Carol – Evil Eye Signet Ring

evil eye jewelry

Signet rings are fabulous and when they have an evil eye design, they become simply irresistible. This is the case with Ana Luisa’s Carol signet ring. Dipped in 14k gold and artistically handcrafted, this gorgeous ring depicts an intricate evil eye symbol. If you like to make a fashion statement every time you get out of the house and like to dress to impress, then this ring is for you.

When it comes to evil eye jewelry, our Carol signet ring is the best choice for a cocktail party or a casual day at the office. Since you are already wearing a statement jewelry piece, you can keep your other jewelry minimal. Wear simple diamond studs and a thin chain necklace. Avoid patterned manicures that could distract from your ring. Keep it simple and classy with evil eye jewelry and Ana Luisa. 

Simba – Evil Eye Necklace

gold pendant necklace

If you love coin necklaces, then you are going to adore this evil eye jewelry piece. With a medium-length chain necklace and a gorgeous coin pendant depicting an evil eye, our Simba necklace is classy, edgy and beautiful. It works best with hippie-inspired outfits with flower patterns, fringes and pre-washed jeans. When wearing this evil eye jewelry piece, you can accessorize it with gold hoops and stacked gold bangles. 

You can also layer your necklaces and wear the evil eye necklace with a lariat and a short chain necklace. However, if you are creating a neck party, keep your other jewelry minimal to avoid looking too busy.

Bea – Eye Coin Necklace Set

evil eye jewelry

This gorgeous rose gold coin necklace set is not only exquisite but also a protective amulet. We don’t know about evil, but it will surely protect you from fashion faux-pas. With contemporary ball chain necklaces and a dreamy evil eye pendant, this necklace will become your next jewelry obsession. If you like unique jewelry with an edgy design, then this layered necklace is for you.

Wear this grogeous coin necklace with rose gold ball studs and a rose gold ring to create an irresistible blush theme.  

If you enjoyed discovering evil eye jewelry, then keep reading this blog. We publish interesting articles about jewelry fashion as well as buying and care guides. Count on us to become a jewelry expert and learn to style your jewelry like a fashion pro. If you love the designs featured in this article and want to see more unique trendy jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shops. Discover our collections of exquisite jewelry pieces, as well as our limited-edition creations. Stay stylish, chic and always unique with Ana Luisa. 

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