When talking about Taurus jewelry, we need to talk about elegance and luxury. Taurus women always look impeccable and they have a knack for style. Curious to find which pieces make the best Taurus jewelry for you? Read on, then. In this article, you will discover how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry based on your zodiacal sign. Who said astrology and fashion couldn’t mix? Discover more in the following.

Taurus & Taurus Jewelry

Stiletto shoes, bandeau midi dresses, and faux fur jackets are your favorites, right? Taurus women love elegance and luxury above anything else and they command respect. They are analytical and love to solve puzzles around them. Their schedule is full of interesting events, from charity balls to thematic cocktail parties. Women born under this sign love literature and arts, but they also have a knack for business. They are never hot-headed but they can get stingy if you cross them over. When it comes to Taurus jewelry, they love pieces which they can easily accessorize with their elegant style. Pearls, diamonds, chandelier earrings, and gemstone collar necklaces are some of the pieces that they adore.

Taurus Earrings

When it comes to Taurus jewelry and earrings, women born under this sign love statement designs as well as subtle and elegant pieces. A great Taurus jewelry example is this fabulous pair of clear gemstone stud earrings. With premium cubic zirconia gemstones set in 14k solid gold, these heart-shaped earrings will look fantastic with a gemstone collar necklace and a solitaire diamond ring. Wear them with your beige midi dress and try a pair of red stiletto shoes to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Another Taurus jewelry piece that you will love is this pair of pearl drop earrings. Featuring a cluster of premium freshwater pearls and an elegant design, these earrings will get you noticed to the next cocktail party you plan to attend. Wear this Taurus jewelry piece with a subtle pearl pendant or a beaded pearl necklace for extra glam. You don’t need a bracelet, but you can wear your favorite pearl ring to create a beautiful theme. As for your outfit, get a contrasting look with a navy velvet bandeau dress and a pair of gold stiletto shoes.

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And, of course, if you are looking for Taurus jewelry that bears your sign’s symbol, you can always try this fabulous pair of Taurus hoop earrings. While Taurus women aren’t big fans of oversized hoops, they love mini and medium-sized hoop earrings. Wear these fab gold earrings with a gold chain necklace and a couple of stacked bangles to create a glamorous theme.

Taurus Bracelets

As we said before, Taurus jewelry is classy, elegant and always glamorous. And guess what? So is this sterling silver chain bracelet with a thin cross charm. With its beautiful chain link pattern, this Taurus jewelry piece will look fabulous with a pair of diamond studs and a sharp suit.

If you’d rather wear a gold bracelet, check out this glamorous Taurus bracelet. It features a subtle gold chain and a classy charm with your astrological sign. This Taurus jewelry piece will look extra fabulous when you pair it with your favorite cocktail ring, gold chandelier earrings and a dress with a deep-V neckline.

Taurus Necklaces

You probably expect this since we said that Taurus jewelry features a lot of pearls, but here it is. Taurus women absolutely adore pearl necklaces in every shape and form. And because we love them too, here are a couple of Taurus jewelry examples that will make your day.

This classic long pearl necklace simply couldn’t miss from our Taurus jewelry list. Classy, elegant and glamorous, this pearl necklace works best with a deep-V neckline and a pair of pearl cluster earrings. Wear it with a white tailored blazer and a deep-V silk blouse or try with a turtleneck velvet dress. Have fun styling this fantastic pearl necklace and let everybody notice your impeccable style.

pearl necklace

For those of you who want to add a contemporary twist to their Taurus jewelry, this layered pearl necklace is a dream come true. It features a princess-length pearl necklace along with an elegant and classy gold chain necklace with a heart pendant. This Taurus jewelry piece will look great with your midi wrap dress and faux fur blazer.

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Taurus Rings

Want to get a versatile Taurus jewelry piece that you can wear every single day? Try this beautiful gold cocktail ring. With a unique design and an elegant look, this cocktail ring works for both everyday occasions and formal events. If you are going to a business meeting, simply style it with your tailored trousers, a thin chain bracelet and a pair of clear studs. For a more glamorous look, try this ring with an elegant gown, a gemstone cuff bracelet and a pair of statement earrings.

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