Summer may be over, but this doesn’t mean that the fun must end as well. Because new types of jewelry are coming this season and you will love them. Yes, we will all miss the warm starry night and the hot sunny days, but at least we’ll always have jewelry. So get ready because this season you are about to discover new and exciting jewelry styles. Buckle up, grab a coffee and let’s get started. Read on to discover how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry and see which types of jewelry are hot this fall.

Best types of jewelry this fall

We had a lot of fun in the summer with anklets, gold jewelry, and big hold hoops. And we are about to have some more fun with the new types of jewelry this fall. As a general comment, this season’s jewelry is all about geometrical effects, sleek textures and mixing different styles. There will be a lot of punk-rock inspired pieces, contemporary silver textures as well as fringe earrings, chunky gold chains and, of course, pearl jewelry. Boho-chic accessories and vintage-inspired pieces will also dazzle and enchant you this fall. Don’t know which trend to try first? That’s ok, we have selected for you our favorite types of jewelry this season. Read on to discover them and up your jewelry game.

Polished sterling silver hoops

Sterling silver is finally taking the center stage and we love it. After a golden season, the contemporary luster of sterling silver is a nice change. Of course, hoops are still in. This is why you need to have a pair of sterling silver hoops in your collection. At Ana Luisa, you can find an entire collection dedicated to these fabulous types of jewelry. From adorable huggies that you can use for a minimal or a punk-rock look to large silver hoops, you can get the best pair of sterling silver earrings from our collection. All that is left for you to do is decide which size you want your silver hoop earrings to be.

sterling silver earrings

Wear silver this fall and have an impeccable style with Ana Luisa. And guess what? You can complement your new sterling silver earrings with other types of jewelry that are trendy this season. Keep reading to discover them all.

Brilliant stud earrings

We love studs that sparkle and we are happy that they are making a comeback this fall. Cubic zirconia studs, diamond stud earrings, studs with crystals or rhinestones – your choice. However, regardless of what you choose, you need a pair of sparkling studs in your jewelry collection.

Luckily for you, at Ana Luisa, we have just released a couple of new and beautiful designs. Choose a classic pair of silver studs with cubic zirconia gemstones of a pair of cluster studs with lots of sparkling gems. Shine bright this fall and wear the types of jewelry that match your personal style.

Vintage-inspired types of jewelry

Vintage jewelry has been trending for some while, but this fall’s designs focus more on artistic details. For example, enamel jewelry is a big trend this season. Delicate, feminine and artistic, enamel jewelry is fabulous and you need to try it right away. At Ana Luisa, you can find a collection of beautiful enamel jewelry with stunning & unique pieces. Get an elegant and sophisticated look with a pair of enamel earrings or mix different types of jewelry to create a unique vibe.

enamel earrings

Besides enamel, this fall you will see a lot of gemstone necklaces and rings featuring big stones with vintage cuts. Elegant and gorgeous, these pieces will make you stand out wherever you go. We don’t usually recommend sets, but when it comes to these types of jewelry, we suggest getting a set. Try a gemstone solitaire ring and a necklace with a pendant that features the same stone in the same cut. If you shy away from jewelry sets, then you can simply get one of these pieces in a different color but with the same cut. This way you can add a contemporary touch to a classic style.

Geometric jewelry

We didn’t exactly love geometry at school, but we sure love it when it comes to different types of jewelry. Think about link earrings, geometric rings, and necklaces with unique designs. This fall’s geometric trend is here to stay so you have to upgrade your jewelry collection.

At Ana Luisa, we have a passion for geometric jewelry and you can see that by checking out our latest design. Either handcrafted in gold or silver, our fabulous pieces feature intricate designs that you will fall in love with. Get a pair of link earrings, a chunky dome ring or a stylish honeycomb necklace to obtain a memorable and vibrant look.

designer jewelry

All in all, this season’s jewelry trends are fabulous. We love the diversity of the types of jewelry and we can’t wait to try all these gorgeous trends. If you also enjoyed discovering what jewelry to wear this fall, then check out our other articles as well. At Ana Luisa, we constantly publish high-quality articles where you will discover how to buy and style your favorite jewelry.

If you want to check out any of the designs featured in this article and discover more fine gold & silver jewelry, then head out to Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Browse through our fabulous collection and find out what types of jewelry match your personal style.

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