There are a few essential jewelry pieces that every woman has in her jewelry collection. And if you don’t, then it is time for a shopping trip or online shopping session with a glass of wine. That is no punishment right?

So what are the essential jewelry pieces? The unmissable jewelry items are basic types of jewelry that never go out of style. A new interpretation of these jewelry pieces pops up with every season. So, it doesn’t mean that you can never switch things up. We encourage trying out updated versions of classics.

For example, every woman has a pair of hoops in her jewelry box but every woman wears a different style. Your favorite pair might be chunky gold hoops while your bestie is currently crushing on the hoops and pearls combo. Both are still essential classics. Scroll down for the essential jewelry pieces that belong on you and learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

  1. Silver or Gold Hoop Earrings as Essential Jewelry Pieces

Hoop earrings are undeniably one of the essential jewelry pieces. Each season, they pop up on every single runway. That is part of appeal for us because that also means we can spoil ourselves with a new style of hoop earrings each season, too.

solid gold hoops

Hoop earrings belong on our essential jewelry pieces list because they are a fun jewelry basic. Hoop earrings always feel fresh, no matter what outfit you wear them with. These essential jewelry pieces work for every style. Since there are endless options out there, everyone can find their own perfect pair of hoop earrings. Whether you prefer silver over gold, big or small, hoops always look good.

  1. Clear Crystal or Diamond Studs

The clear crystal and diamond studs are also essential jewelry pieces because of their versatility. Stud earrings are a little more practical than hoop earrings and work with every style and outfit.

crystal stud earrings

If gold and silver hoop earrings are the rebellious sisters then crystal studs are the powerful eldest sister. Channel their spirit depending on your goal for the day. Do you have an important pitch? Then go for the studs. Date night? Wear hoops.

We put the clear crystal and diamond studs on our essential jewelry pieces list because matching colors is never an issue. You can wear these studs with any color scheme in your outfit and other jewelry.

  1. Gemstone Ring

The gemstone ring is where the color comes in on our essential jewelry pieces list. You cannot miss this piece of jewelry in your collection because it is such an expression of who you are. The type of semi-precious or precious stone, how it is cut and the ring design are all a reflection of your personality.

moonstone ring

For example, an oval jade ring shows you care about traditions and hard work. The round citrine and silver ring belongs to an optimistic and always smiling person. The spiritual and caring feminine soul gravitates towards a pear shaped moonstone ring.

  1. Pendant Necklace

Like a gemstone ring, there is a lot of meaning behind a pendant necklace. Where the gemstone ring is reflection of your personality, a pendant necklace is a reflection of your story. Essential jewelry pieces tell a story about you and the most telling piece is the pendant necklace.

pearl pendant

Pendant necklaces are a common jewelry gift. Wearing this gift shows what kind of relationship you have with that person. For example, heart pendants make a lovely mother-daughter jewelry piece. The birthstone of your favorite person lets you carry a part of themselves with you. You can also pick up a pendant yourself as reminder of home like a map outline of your home state.

  1. Gold chain bracelet

Bracelets are often overlooked as essential jewelry pieces. Know that rule of taking off one piece of jewelry if you think you are wearing too many? Stop taking off the bracelet first!

gold chain bracelet

A gold chain bracelet is as simple as essential jewelry pieces get. That simplicity is exactly why it deserves a spot on our list. A gold chain bracelet is like the layer of fruit on a really good cheesecake. It’s that little something extra that you didn’t know you love.

  1. Gold chain necklace

Necklaces don’t always need the center stage in your jewelry pieces. In fact, a gold chain necklace belongs to the essential jewelry pieces because it is a subtle daily wear piece.

The gold chain necklace is the jewelry piece that you forget you are even wearing but feel naked without it. It is the best signature jewelry piece for any woman. It lets you get away with wearing sweats to the supermarket but it also makes your office look more polished. Trust us, your friends notice when you are suddenly not wearing your gold chain necklace.

vermeil jewelry

Of course, the list of essential jewelry pieces can be longer, depending on your preferences. For example, for some women, chokers are essential jewelry pieces. Share your preference with us in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed reading about essential jewelry pieces and want to discover more interesting articles about jewelry, check out our related articles.

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