With their varied color range and unique shapes, freshwater pearls are amazing. This is why many jewelry designers incorporate these fabulous gems in their creations. Curious to discover unique freshwater pearls jewelry? Then continue to read further. In this article, you will find out how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry and get to see our favorite designs featuring pearls. Get comfy and be prepared to discover unique & stunning jewelry.

What are freshwater pearls?

There are four types of pearls. Three of them grown inside oysters in saltwater (Akoya, Tahitian & South Sea pearls), while another type grows in freshwater mussels. These are the only pearls in the world that are tissue-nucleated, which means that the pearl is made of solid crystalline nacre. As opposed to other pearl varieties, freshwater pearls are not very glossy, but they have a natural & stunning glow. They are the most colorful types of all the peals because they come in various colors. You can get pink, white, peach, lavender and even metallic freshwater pearls. It’s important to remember that the pearls do not receive any color treatment, so their gorgeous shade is natural.

Another interesting thing about this kind of pearls is that their shapes also vary a lot. There are perfectly round freshwater pearls, but you can also find pear-shaped & rice pearls, as well as baroque pearls. Because they are durable, elegant and beautiful, freshwater pearls are favorite gems for jewelry designers. And because we know you love them too, we have selected six of our most fabulous creations featuring freshwater pearls. Read on to discover them.

6 fabulous freshwater pearls jewelry

Just to be clear from the start, all of our jewelry designs are fabulous. But because we would have to write a novel about all of them, instead of an article, we have selected six of our most coveted designs. Discover which one of them is your style and up your jewelry game with a couple of new & exciting creations featuring freshwater pearls.

Delicate pearl drop earrings – Hope

Portland jewelers

Any woman needs at least one pair of pearl drop earrings in her jewelry collection. These fabulous earrings feature baroque pearls, which offers them a unique look. They are feminine, easy to style and comfortable to wear all day long. If you want a pair of versatile & delicate pearl earrings, then this is the ideal design for you.

Edgy pearl hoops – Alba

For those of you who want to move away from the classics and experience new & fabulous jewelry designs, we have the perfect pair of earrings. Their thick gold hoops feature lustrous freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia gemstones. The mix of these gems offers them a unique look. With a contemporary style and a lush texture, these earrings are perfect if you want a pair of pearl hoops that will draw attention to your unique style.

Elegant pearl cluster earrings – Sophia

cluster earrings

With a cluster of tiny & lustrous freshwater pearls and a linear drop design, these earrings are gorgeous. If you are looking for a pair of statement earrings with pearls, then you have just found it. These pearl cluster earrings will look great with your elegant outfits. They are also comfortable to wear and easy to style with gold jewelry.

Creative pearl earrings – Cloud

Pearl hoop earrings

Those of you that are inspired by nature should definitely get this fantastic pair of pearl earrings. They have an artistic and creative design that resembles a cloud with tiny drops of freshwater pearls falling from it. And if you think these earrings couldn’t get more fabulous than that, think again. They feature rice pearls with a perfect shape and a high luster.

Artistic pearl layered necklace – Ines

Moving away from the earrings department, we have a fantastic necklace design for you. If you are looking for contemporary & artistic freshwater pearls jewelry, then this is the necklace to wear. It features a longer gold coin necklace with a mesmerizing spiral pendant and a shorter pearl necklace with a gorgeous pearl pendant. Whoever said that pearls couldn’t be modern hasn’t seen our fabulous designs.

Feminine pearl necklace – Naomi

And last, but not least, if you are looking for freshwater pearls in a versatile and feminine design, then you should check out this pearl necklace. With a delicate gold chain and a fabulous pearl pendant featuring a high-grade peal, this necklace is very easy to style. You can blend it with any clothes and wear it on any occasion. Its teardrop pearl will add a feminine and delicate note to your style.

If you enjoyed discovering our freshwater pearls designs, then you should read the rest of our articles as well. We publish daily content with informational buying guides, classy stylish tips advice and important care tips for pearls and other gemstones. With our help, you can become a jewelry expert in no time.

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