You’ve probably tried to find a Mejuri coupon code or codes for some other jewelry brands. If you did, you know that there are some websites which offer codes that enable you to get a discount for your purchases. But do these codes really work? When you want to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry, can you take advantage of a Mejuri coupon code? Well, the answer is in-between. Most of the times, these codes offered from third-party websites don’t actually work.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t shop the smart way and end up paying less for your purchases. For example, Ana Luisa offers you 10% of each purchase with the exclusive code New10. Go ahead and try it! If you want to know more about getting the best deals for your jewelry, read further.

Getting a Mejuri coupon code from third-party websites

If you’ve tried to find jewelry discount codes, you have probably visited some of these third-party websites. There are two types of offers you can find.

The first one is a deal and when you click on it, the website redirects you to the jewelry shop. You don’t actually need to visit a coupon offering site to get these deals as they are already on the website of the jewelry shop. For example, when searching for a Mejuri coupon code, if you happen to find a deal with free shipping over $100, it’s the same deal that you can access from Mejuri’s site. In this case, the third-party website offers you nothing that you wouldn’t receive simply by visiting the merchant’s website directly. This also applies to “25% off winter jewelry” type of offers. Basically, the merchant holds a promotion and these third-party websites only help spread the news.

The other type of a Mejuri coupon code you can find on third-party websites is an actual code which you can use to receive a discount. Instead of “get this deal”, you see a button that shows “reveal code”. When you click on it, instead of being redirected to the merchant’s website, you will see a Mejuri coupon code. Unfortunately, most of the times, these codes don’t actually work. There are some rare occasions when you might actually get a deal, but this is not a very good method if you want to get a discount. You can end up spending hours on third-party websites, trying all sorts of codes and getting nothing. However, there are other smart ways to get a Mejuri coupon code or a code for any other jewelry brand.

How to shop the smart way & get a jewelry discount code

To recap, third-party websites that may offer a Mejuri coupon code, or any other code will actually either offer the same perks you can access from the merchant’s website or just a couple of non-valid codes. So how can you get a Mejuri coupon code? Just to be clear, we are using Mejuri as an example. These methods can work for any jewelry brand.

  1. Check out the “subscribe to our newsletter” section of the website

The first thing you should do when visiting a new online jewelry shop is to check their newsletter section. Most of the merchants offer you a one-time discount code for signing up to their newsletter. Coming back to our example, if you want to get a Mejuri coupon code, your best chances are to subscribe to the newsletter. Once you get your confirmation email, see how long the code is available and start shopping.

At Ana Luisa, when you subscribe to our newsletter, you get early access to limited edition creations and exclusive offers. Plus, right now we have a little 10% off surprise for your gold bling, so check out our online jewelry shop.

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  1. Open your newsletters

Occasionally, jewelry brands send newsletters with offers exclusive to their subscribers. It can happen for Black Friday, Christmas or any other holiday. You can also receive a Mejuri coupon code for your birthday, which is very nice. And, of course, there are the sales that are available to anybody. But it’s nice to be one of the firsts to find out about sales through your newsletter, isn’t it? Not to mention the fact that you get to buy the jewelry you want the most without worring about the stock.

These limited-edition Ana Luisa pearl drop earrings are going to be launched soon, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss them.

summer jewelry

  1. Add products to your favorites list & register for alerts

You can also get a Mejuri coupon code by adding products to your favorites in your account. Sometimes, merchants create personalized offers for those products, especially for you. And even if they don’t, the alert will let you know when the price drops off and you can go ahead and buy the product. Registering for alerts is the perfect alternative to impulse buying and it enables you to save more money. Of course, there is a risk of the product going out of stock. If it’s something that you must have, it’s better to not wait and buy it right away. However, if it’s something nice-to-have, you should wait for a little bit and see what happens and if you receive a Mejuri coupon code.

At Ana Luisa we care about our customers’ wishes and bring back in stock creations that they love. For example, these pearl drop earrings featuring baroque pearls went out of stock in less than three days, but we brought them back for all the women who love pearls.

Portland jewelers

  1. Know your influencers

A great way to receive a Mejuri coupon code is to follow a couple of fashion influencers. Usually, they promote jewelry brands if they like them and, as a treat for their audience, influencers receive a code directly from the brand. They share this code with their audience so that people are able to use it when buying jewelry. It’s always a good idea to be subscribed to a couple of fashion influencers’ blogs or vlogs and get exclusive jewelry deals.

And because, at Ana Luisa, we take the influencer game to the next level, we collaborate with them to design unique creations. These fabulous statement earrings were designed by the Instagram influencer Lily (@Styleinbeta) and the result is simply gorgeous.

earrings for women

5. Ana Luisa Online Jewelry Shop

When it comes to getting exclusive deals and extradordinary unique jewelry, Ana Luisa online jewelry shop is the place to go. Our philosophy is to offer women unique jewelry at fair prices. This means that even with a discount code, no other brand can offer the same quality at the same prices as us. What’s more, if you visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop today, you can use our exclusive discount code New10 can get 10% of all your purchases.

Still looking for a Mejuri coupon code? You don’t need one for Ana Luisa. Our oversized solid gold hoop earrings come at a 24% lower price than Mejuri oversized gold hoops. Get a pair of gorgeous solid gold hoops from Ana Luisa and save almost 1/4 of their price!

solid gold hoops

This is how you shop for jewelry the smart way! If you enjoyed reading those tips, continue on our blog for more jewelry information. Also, don’t forget to visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and subscribe to our newsletter to get exclusive deals for unique designer jewelry.

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