Are you looking for Pisces jewelry that will represent your style and personality? Say no more. Ana Luisa has a dedicated collection of zodiac jewelry where you will find classy and beautiful designer pieces with astrological signs. But besides the jewelry that features your astrological sign, did you know that there also styles that are specific to your sign? In this article, we will talk about Pisces jewelry and what you should look for when buying precious & semi precious stones jewelry. Read further to find out more.

About Pisces & Pisces jewelry

We couldn’t talk about Pisces jewelry without focusing a little bit on your astrological sign. Pisces women have great social skills and lots of friends. They are outgoing, love to be the center of attention, and make friends easily. However, they also have an introverted side that they rarely show to the world. Though they would never admit it openly, but rather hide it under cynicism, Pisces are idealists and romantics. A sad song, a movie or even a beautiful sunset can make them forget about the cool vibe they are projecting and break down in tears. In secret, Pisces are softies because they live intensely and pay close attention to everything around them.

And what about Pisces jewelry? They love quirky designs, nature-inspired creations, and colorful jewelry. A Pisces woman will rarely wear a monochrome outfit. Instead, she will always have a colorful touch that reminds her of nature’s beauty. As a result, Pisces jewelry has a beautiful pop vibe that we love. Want to get into specifics? Then read further to see some Pisces jewelry examples that you will fall in love with.

Pisces Earrings

When it comes to Pisces jewelry and earrings, they especially love geometric designs. Circles, lines, triangles – everything geometric as long as it comes with a little bit of color. This is why we believe that a great Pisces jewelry design is this fantastic pair of earrings featuring a polka dots pattern. Lively, fun and elegant, these ball drop earrings will look fabulous when you pair them with a thin chain necklace and a triangle ring. Your vivid red mini skirt and solid white tee will also look fantastic in this picture.

ball drop earrings

Another Pisces jewelry example is this gorgeous pair of linear drop earrings. We named them “Love” and we bet you can see why. Featuring an array of vibrant and gorgeous colors, these linear drop earrings represent everything Pisces women love in jewelry – a clean & colorful design, amazing quality, and a quirky touch. Wear your hair up and choose a pastel shirt and a pair of crop jeans to emphasize these beautiful earrings. Bring back one of the colors of these earrings in your sandals or flat shoes and you will get a perfect look.

enamel drop earrings

Of course, if you are looking for Pisces jewelry that features your astrological sign, look no further than these fabulous Pisces hoop earrings. Versatile, trendy and comfortable to wear, these hoop earrings feature an artistic Pisces charm that will look gorgeous when you match it to a coin necklace.

Pisces bracelets

As we said before, Pisces jewelry is colorful and unique. But this doesn’t mean that you want to wear a rainbow every time you go out. For example, a great Pisces jewelry creation is this fantastic friendship bracelet. With a woven design and a touch of color, this bracelet speaks not only about your style but also about your personality. After all, friendship is one of the most important values for Pisces.

And, of course, since we mentioned that we have a great zodiac collection, you can also get a Pisces jewelry creation that features your astrological sign. This sleek Pisces bracelet features a thin link chain and an artistically handcrafted Pisces charm. You can wear it with a pair of gold studs with a vibrant gem like turquoise or amethyst and a cocktail ring. A rose tank top and a pair of high-waist jeans will complete your look perfectly.

Pisces Necklaces

We didn’t forget that Pisces jewelry also features nature-inspired designs, so here it is. This fab flower coin necklace is the perfect accessory for you this season. Inspired by the beauty of sunflowers, this necklace will look dashing with a deep blue dress and a pair of golden sandals. Add a pair of hoop earrings and you are ready to rock.

NYC jewelry

Another great Pisces jewelry is this amazing lapis lazuli necklace. Delicate, with a unique design and featuring blue lapis lazuli gems with golden specks, this necklace is ideal for you. To bring out its beautiful color, just wear it with a pastel rose shirt and a pair of tailored trousers. You can bring back the color of the necklace in your ring and wear a pair of simple rose gold studs to achieve a fabulous look.

Pisces Rings

Speaking of rings and Pisces jewelry, what do you say about Ana Luisa’s gorgeous Nito ring? With its vibrant green color and Egyptian-inspired design, this ring makes for great Pisces jewelry. Match it with an amulet bracelet and a pair of gold statement earrings to evoke that fabulous Egyptian charm.

rings for woman

If you enjoyed reading about Pisces jewelry, check out the rest of our articles as well. You will find great styling advice and high-quality information that you can use to become a jewelry expert. To see any of the creations featured in this article, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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