Agate jewelry is chic, gorgeous and always surprising. With a variety of colors and patterns, this beautiful gemstone can turn into fabulous jewelry. So what do you need to know before buying jewelry with agate gemstones? In this article, we have prepared an interesting guide for you so that you can discover more about this stunning gem. Read further to find out how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry and how to shop for agate in a smart way.

How many types of agate are there?

Agate is a variety of chalcedony quartz. It was discovered many years ago in Sicily, in the river Achates. This is how this pretty gemstone got its name. Today, people mine agate from Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico, but you can find this gemstone in other parts of the world as well. Agate is the birthstone of May and it is also a traditional gem to offer when celebrating 12 years of marriage.

A notable thing about this beautiful gem is that it comes in many varieties, all of them spectacular. Read on to discover the most interesting types of agate.

The Moss Agate

Moss agate is generally a white gemstone that has green inclusions. Their color resembles the color of wet moss, which is where its name comes from. Moss agate is spectacular and of the most sought-after varieties. Agate is one of the few gemstones where inclusions are desirable because the effect is simply stunning.

The Dendritic Agate

Pieces that feature dendritic agate is rare and gorgeous. It is also pricier than other varieties. This type of gemstone is either white or black with manganese oxide impurities. These create the inside structure of the gem that looks like the branches of a tree. Once again, inclusions in this gemstone make it more appealing and unique.

The Plume Agate

This pretty gemstone comes in shades of red, white, yellow or blue with inclusions that look like feathers. When this gem is cut by an expert, its inclusions blend wonderfully with its color and the result is stunning. Fine jewelry with plum agate looks very elegant and artistic.

The Fortification Agate

This type of agate is one of the most known types and it features white bands. Whether green, purple or another color, fortification agate is beautiful and interesting. This is also the most common type of agate and the one that comes into mind when thinking about this beautiful gem.

The Fire Agate

With a reddish-brown color and a unique iridescences, fire agate jewelry is premium. The gemstone is very old as it formed millions of years ago due to volcanic explosions. This type of red agate is elegant and incredibly beautiful as it looks as if it burning from the inside.

The Lace Agate

Last, but not least, there is also lace agate jewelry. Its name comes from the fact that its inclusions look as if the gem is made of lace on the inside. Red and blue lace agate are very rare, but you can find this variety in many other colors.

What you need to know about agate jewelry

As you can see, there are many types of agate. So how can you assess you agate jewelry? How can you make sure to pay the right price for your precious pieces? Read further to find out.

When it comes to jewelry that features agate, the color plays an important part. From red and yellow to orange, pink, gray and blue, you can find this gemstone in many color varieties. You can even buy jewelry that features a rainbow agate. However, most agate jewelry has gemstones that receive a color treatment to enhance their color. The first thing you should ask the jeweler is whether the agate has received any color treatment.

The agate’s cut is also very important for agate jewelry. You will usually find this gem in round or pear shapes, but you can also see agate with square or emerald cuts.

When it comes to clarity, there are two situations for assessing your jewelry. In the first example, the stone is clear. In this case, the fewer inclusions it has, the more valuable the agate jewelry piece. But, as you read above, there are also situations when the inclusions make the jewelry more valuable. So, if you are buying plum, moss or dendritic agate, be prepared to pay a little bit more and these varieties as very coveted among jewelry lovers.

Best agate jewelry pieces

If you are looking to complete your jewelry collection, then let’s see which the best agate jewelry. A beaded bracelet, for example, is perfect for fortification agate as its white stripes will create a fabulous effect. A gemstone cuff bracelet, on the other hand, looks better with a plum agate in a bezel setting.

For earrings, red and fire agate will add an edgy vibe and transform any jewelry piece. This is also true for rings, but you can always opt for lace agate as well. Another fabulous piece of agate jewelry is the pendant necklace with dendritic agate.  Elegant and creative, this agate jewelry piece will always draw attention to your unique style.

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