Pink gemstones are romantic and fresh. The softer pink gemstones like rose quartz and morganite are fun spring colors. The deeper shades like pink tourmaline brighten up your winter ice queen look. We are also die-hard fans of non-diamond engagement rings with pink gemstone being one of our favorite alternatives.

Do you want us to tell you more about why we love a hot pink semi-precious stone? It is easier to understand our love when we tell you about each favorite. Read on to find out why we are having a pink moment. And, remember, when you want to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry, Ana Luisa is the place where you will find unique designs.

The Prettiest Pearls Are Pink Gemstones

The comeback of pearls is undeniable. This classic gemstone is no longer confined to vintage inspired pieces. Pearl jewelry today is modern, fun and bold. There is no color more fun than pink. This is why pink pearls are topping our list of favorite pink gemstones.

Pink pearls are a perfect marriage with our favorite jewelry piece, hoop earrings. Try on hoops covered in pink pearls for a fresh casual look. Wanting something more unexpected? Right on trend are baroque pearls. You can wear two mismatched sizes for a fun detail. Go even deeper in the asymmetry trend by wearing a single statement earring like linked hoops with a single large pink pearl.

Versatile Rhodolite Garnet

Garnets come in a wide variety of colors but the pink garnet, also called rhodolite, is one of the rarer hues. Rhodolite is a darker shade of pink, somewhere between fuchsia and magenta. The purple and rose tints are unique to rhodolite and don’t appear in any other types of garnet.

Rhodolite is a popular semi-precious stone in jewelry. Setting rhodolite in silver brings out its lighter pink color. Yellow and rose gold give this pink gemstone a darker sheen. Look for rhodolite in a silver or stainless steel setting for a modern look. If you are more the vintage type then rhodolite in rose gold drop earrings are right up your alley.

The Classic Romance of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is probably the first stone you think of when you hear favorite pink gemstones. Rose quartz is so embedded into our style consciousness for good reason. Its color resembles pink candy cane and this crystal looks just as sweet as the carnival treat.

Rose quartz comes out best in silver jewelry. A silver necklace with a rose quartz heart pendant is a classic jewelry piece. Do you prefer gemstones with more depth? The beauty of this crystal is that many cuts show off its pink gradient. Choose an oval or circle cut for interesting displays of pink.

Want to contrast the sweetness of this love crystal? Look for jewelry where the rose quartz is still left rough. Larger pieces of rough rose quartz are cool on a cuff bracelet, multi-finger ring or drop earrings.

Always Wanting More Morganite

Morganite is another one of our favorite romantic pink gemstones. Pink gemstones are popular in engagement rings with morganite being a top choice for jewelry designers. Like rose quartz, morganite is a very soft pink, like the juiciest peaches in summer.

However, its soft color says nothing about its strength. The reason why morganite is a popular feature on engagement rings is its hardness. Morganite is suitable for everyday wear making it a safe choice for jewelry pieces meant to last a lifetime.

Morganite has a lot of clarity which means that the pink color is clearest in large cuts. Since its hue is subtle, morganite is your chance to rock a huge cocktail ring during the daytime. Wear a cabochon cut morganite to instantly upgrade your jeans look. Or, carefully hint at your soulmate that morganite is the new diamond when it comes to engagement rings.

The Serious Attraction of Electrifying Pink Tourmaline

The fiercest of all pink gemstones is pink tourmaline. This semi-precious stone is magnetic, quite literally. Heating pink tourmaline gives it a positive charge on one end and a negative charge on the opposite end. If you are looking for a pink gemstone that has some serious attitude, pink tourmaline is your top choice.

Pink tourmaline is one of the most vibrant among pink gemstones. It comes in a spectrum of pink shades, from a rosy color to deeper darker pinks with a purplish or reddish tint. If you prefer the lighter pink tourmaline then go for a silver colored setting. Deeper colored pink tourmaline is one of the few pink gemstones that looks just as good in a yellow gold setting.

Looking for something more unique? A close cousin of pink tourmaline is watermelon tourmaline. This gemstone gets its name from its color gradient that goes from pink to green. If you are looking for something more exciting than pink, go for watermelon.

There is nothing that says spring better than pretty gemstones the color of cherry blossoms. You can either wear them with flowery dresses, lace tops and silk blouses for an ultra-feminine look or contrast their delicacy by wearing them with leather jackets, chunky boots and graphic tees. The world is your oyster, as they say, so get styling.

If you want to discover more styling inspiration, as well as interesting buying guides, read the rest of our articles as well. To check out the pink pearl earrings featured in this article and see more unique jewelry designs, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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