When it comes to gold colors, there are many to choose from. Yes, many, not only three. Although it is true that the most common ones are yellow, white gold and rose gold. However, if you want to make an informed choice when you buy fine jewelry metals, read further. In this article, we are going to talk about the gold colors, how they are created and what each means for your jewelry.

The most common gold colors

As far as jewelry talks go, you have probably heard of three main types of gold: yellow, white & rose gold. So let’s take a look at these gold colors and see what they mean.

Yellow gold

The most popular of all the gold colors, yellow is also this metal’s natural color. However, the color of a gold jewelry piece will always be a little altered by the other metals in the alloy. 24k gold (pure gold) is too soft to use in jewelry. As a result, to strengthen it, other metals like silver or nickel are used in a gold alloy. The purity of that alloy refers to how much gold it contains. From this point of view, you can have 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k gold jewelry pieces, with 22k meaning the highest purity of gold.

White gold

With its lustrous and sleek color, white gold is a favorite for engagement rings and high-end jewelry. White is not a natural color for gold, but the result of an alloy. Jewelry makers mix pure gold with zinc, nickel, and palladium to create that silvery-white color. After that, most white gold jewelry pieces receive a rhodium plating to get a shinier white color. Of all the gold colors, white gold is the most elegant one.

Rose gold

You may know it as pink, blush or rose gold and it is the same thing. Very popular at the moment, rose gold comes from a gold alloy that contains more copper than other alloys. The copper gives rose gold jewelry its blush color. When comparing the gold colors, rose gold is the most romantic and feminine type of gold. Because it has a high copper content, it is also more durable than yellow and white gold jewelry pieces.

Uncommon gold colors

You probably knew about the three common gold colors, but we bet that you don’t know gold can also be green, black or even purple. The truth is that people have experimented a lot with this metal and the results are stunning. So let’s take a look at the most uncommon gold colors.

Green gold

You probably don’t expect this, but green gold, also called Electrum, is a naturally-occurring alloy. Some of the oldest jewelry pieces in green gold appear in Ancient Egypt. However, most green gold on the market today is man-made. The alloy that gives birth to green gold contains a lot of silver and, sometimes, traces of copper. You should also know that the green color of gold is very subtle. You will not find deep green gold jewelry, but rather yellow gold with greenish hints.

Black gold

While some people refer to oil as “black gold”, when it comes to gold colors, there is an actual black or brown variety. Jewelry makers obtain this color by adding cobalt to a gold alloy. To strengthen the color they also use electroplating. The black gold jewelry piece receives a ruthenium plating which offers it is unusual and gorgeous color.  Of all the gold colors, black gold is the most dramatic one as it draws attention. When a black gold jewelry piece also features clear gemstones, like diamonds, the effect is breathtaking.

Purple gold

Purple gold has a vibrant lilac hue that you cannot usually find on any other gold jewelry. Of all the other gold colors, purple gold is the rarest one as most jewelry shops don’t feature it yet. However, online purple gold jewelry pieces are available in stores in Singapore. The reason why most jewelry shops don’t feature purple gold jewelry has little to do with its color. You see, this alloy contains gold, aluminum, and indium. The result is a softer metal than any other gold type and while it is still usable for jewelry, purple gold is also very fragile.

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