Cubic zirconia is elegant, durable and reflects light in a beautiful way. From gorgeous earrings to statement necklaces and pavé rings, cubic zirconia jewelry has never been more in style. Do you need a reason to buy cubic zirconia? Then sit back, relax and read on. Discover everything you need to know about this gem and how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

What is cubic zirconia?

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but cubic zirconia, in short CZ is a man-made diamond substitute. In fact, CZ displays many of the natural diamond’s features, such as amazing clarity, high reflectivity, and a good hardness score. CZ is created in the laboratory by heating Zirconium Oxide to extreme temperatures. Jewelry experts cut CZ in a way that generates maximum reflectivity.

However, there are differences between CZ and diamonds in terms of hardness. As you may know, diamonds are the hardest gemstones known to mankind with 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. And while cubic zirconia cannot match that, it gets a solid 8.5 hardness score, which is more than most gemstones.

With cubic zirconia, you also get a lot of variety. This beautiful gem is available in any color with some of the manufactures even displaying it in gorgeous iridescent rainbow effects. Whether you want pink, blue or even opaque CZ jewelry you can get it.

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Cubic zirconia jewelry is sustainable & ethical

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get CZ, apart from the affordable price tag, is that it promotes sustainability. Mined diamonds hurt the environment as well as developing communities. Sometimes, mined diamonds are linked to conflict zones and are used to further enable the conflict. However, cubic zirconia is lab-created, which means that it is also clean and sustainable.

At Ana Luisa, we place a great emphasis on ethical jewelry. This is why all of our solid gold pieces are handcrafted 100% of recycled gold. Furthermore, we use lab-grown diamonds and cubic zirconia to create gorgeous jewelry that doesn’t hurt the environment. Perhaps, instead of buying jewelry with mined diamonds, you should switch to CZ and help protect our environment through the power of example.

Wearing cubic zirconia jewelry with other gemstones

In terms of matching your CZ jewelry with other pieces, cubic zirconia is highly versatile. It basically works with any other gemstone regardless of its color. It looks especially well with pearls, moonstones or blue gemstones. Whether set in gold or silver, CZ will always look fabulous. Whenever you need a bit of sparkle in your life, just wear your CZ jewelry.

When it comes to your outfits, clear CZ looks amazing and is less pretentious than diamonds. Wear it with precious fabrics like silk, cashmere, and satin to achieve a beautiful & elegant effect.

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Our top picks for Ana Luisa CZ jewelry

Now that we’ve gotten you in the mood for cubic zirconia, let’s take a look at some of our favorite designs by Ana Luisa. Keep reading to discover our top picks and get new ideas on how to style them.

  1. Celeste earrings

These amazing sparkling earrings with a cluster of cubic zirconia gems are inspired by the stunning desert sky. Handcrafted with attention to details and dipped in 14k gold, these earrings represent the moon and the star. The perfect moment to wear them is to a formal event or a night out with your friends.

Just put them on, wear your hair in a sleek ponytail and choose a classic little black dress. You can accessorize these gorgeous earrings with a set of gold bangle bracelets or a cocktail ring. Do wear red lipstick and you are ready to go out.

cubic zirconia

  1. Suzanne earrings

Your practical, everyday earrings are here and they are more fabulous than ever. With sparkling cubic zirconia gems in a channel setting and a simple and elegant design, these huggie hoops are perfect to wear with your office outfit. Go monochrome with a white ensemble. Pull your hair up in a messy updo and accessorize these gorgeous earrings with a dainty coin necklace and a simple gold chain bracelet.

Wear red stiletto shoes to break up the pattern and choose a chic tote to achieve an impeccable office look.

cubic zirconia

  1. Vida necklace

This handcrafted sterling silver necklace is dipped in 14k gold and features a V pendant with cubic zirconia gems in a channel setting. It is not only chic but very feminine and extremely versatile. Lightweight and subtle, this will soon become the jewelry piece that you never take off.

Play it on the feminine side with a chiffon dress, a pair of delicate stud earrings and a charm bracelet. Wear strappy sandals and a colorful clutch to complete the look.

  1. Cruz earrings

These gorgeous earrings handcrafted in sterling silver and dipped in 14k gold have recently been featured in VOGUE. Just a quick look at them will let you know what you don’t need to wonder why. Ana Luisa’s Cruz earrings with cubic zirconia are simply fabulous.

Wear your hair up so that everybody can see them and accessorize them with a layered necklace. A simple tee and a pair of mom jeans will make these earrings stand out and give you a fresh, effortlessly chic look.

Of course, at Ana Luisa, we have more designs with cubic zirconia. If you want to get any of the pieces featured in this article or see more unique CZ jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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