So. you probably know that white gold, rose gold and yellow gold are different colors of the same metal. But, do you know what makes your white gold jewelry different from your rose gold and yellow gold jewelry, aside from the color? When you buy precious jewelry metals, do you know which one to get? Relax, this won’t be an unpleasant moment of deja vu to your high school chemistry class. Instead, we’ll teach you the difference that really matters to you. How do you style each type of gold? Keep reading to find out more about the gold trio.

The Quickest Crash Course in Gold

Okay, perhaps that was a white lie. When talking about the different types of gold it is hard to avoid talking about its properties. So, here comes a little overview of the different types of gold. Knowing these facts will come in handy when you are struggling to decide between a new piece of white gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry.

How Does Each Type of Gold Get Its Color?

Each type of gold gets its color from the other metals it is combined with to create a stronger compound. Yellow is the color of gold in its natural state. Yellow gold jewelry usually contains zinc or copper but the proportions ensure that yellow gold maintains its shade.

White gold and rose gold are made from the same yellow gold but combined with another metal that changes the coloring. White gold jewelry is usually a yellow gold alloy with palladium, silver or manganese. However, the color that you see is actually from the layer of rhodium on the white gold jewelry. Rhodium can wear off and reveal the yellower gold underneath.

Rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold with copper. The level of copper in the alloy is what gives rose gold jewelry its blush shade.

Is There a Difference In Value?

Not necessarily. Gold’s value or purity is expressed in karats. 24 karat gold means that the piece is of gold at its purest form. But since gold is a soft metal, 24k gold jewelry pieces don’t exist. Lower karats indicate a lower percentage of gold which also lowers the price.

White gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry do not differ much in price. This is because the purity of all three is expressed in karats. What drives the price of gold is not its shade but how many karats the piece has. A 22k white gold jewelry will be more expensive than the same design in 14k yellow gold.

The reason that jewelry makers choose a lower karat is because gold is a sensitive metal. It is easily scratched and more fragile than other metals. This is why a wedding ring is rarely made of 22 karats but rather of 14 or 18 karats.

How to Style Each Type of Gold

It is up to you to decide which color gold to rock. Here we will give you tips on styling white gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry. Or, if you want to be on trend, wear jewelry pieces that combine more than one gold shade.

Sleek White Gold Jewelry

White gold jewelry catches light beautifully and you’ll also catch everyone’s attention. It exudes confidence and glamour at the same time. White gold cranks up the volume of any outfit while still seeming effortless. This makes white gold jewelry worthy of strong women with an edgy style. Wear white gold with your power suit or sexy LBD. Feel bold when wearing white gold jewelry.

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Classic Yellow Gold Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with adding yellow gold jewelry pieces to your outfit. It is a universally matching color. Yellow gold jewelry is a good choice for those that like to keep their clothes classic. It can work for your casual but still stylish white t-shirt and jeans look but just as great with your colorful cocktail dress. Yellow gold jewelry is an essential for any jewelry box.

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Romantic Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry has a romantic quality to it. Bohemian women but also those that dress superbly feminine will fall in love with rose gold. A velvet suit jacket is complimented by rose gold jewelry with a vintage flair. The pinkish hue of rose gold also brightens up a flowing white dress. Rose gold jewelry has a softness that adds sweetness to your outfit.

And now you are ready to try a new gold style. Has rose gold jewelry charmed your fashion heart or are those white gold earrings your new favorite pair? Whichever shade is matches your style, gold jewelry will elevate any outfit. Read more on our blog to get into detail on solid gold jewelry pieces. If you want to Ana Luisa’s unique solid gold jewelry creations, visit our online jewelry shop.

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