Sagittarius jewelry is a testimony to their free spirit. They love wearing bright colors and mixing materials. Miss Sagittarius is also ultra feminine but her vibe is more like a floating hippie than cute girl. Imagine lots of rose gold and colorful gemstones in delicate nature inspired designs. Sagittarius women feel no need to follow each and every trend. Instead they choose jewelry pieces based on the feels that it gives them. If a Sagittarius is not in love with the jewelry piece, she won’t buy it.

Looking to bring more passion into your jewelry collection like a true Sagittarius? Read on to find out how you can channel the feminine free spirit vibe with Sagittarius jewelry and how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry according to your star sign.

What Is Sagittarius Jewelry Style?

A Sagittarius woman loves feeling comfortable. So, when you look into her closet you find lots of easy breezy blouses and dresses. But, you can tell from the variety of prints that she also loves mixing things up. This is why Sagittarius jewelry is functional yet still fun.

Miss Sagittarius gets excited about trying new jewelry trends but only because she enjoys experimenting. She does not adopt a jewelry trend just because it landed on the cover of Vogue. A Sagittarius follows her own heart when it comes to picking new pieces.

The jewelry trends that a Sagittarius loves right now are the nature inspired pieces, asymmetrical earrings and mixing colorful gemstones. She looks for Sagittarius jewelry pieces that have a little whimsy or an unexpected twist. For example, a vibrant color combination on earrings or sea shells dipped in gold.

Large bulky jewelry pieces are not common in a Sagittarius jewelry collection. Heavy jewelry pieces wear her down. She prefers jewelry pieces that dangle in the wind and feel as light as her clothing. Sagittarius jewelry style is not bound to any style rules. The important thing is having fun with different designs.

For example, this chic Sagittarius bracelet makes for perfect Sagittarius jewelry. Delicate, artsy and with a free spirited vibe, this bracelet will become her next favorite jewelry piece.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Sagittarius

Sagittarius women love to travel and her jewelry box is full of unique holiday finds. She cares more about the story of the jewelry piece than the price tag. This is why you find both fine jewelry and hand crafted art market pieces in her jewelry box.

A Sagittarius jewelry collection is a good mix of bold new trends and one-of-a-kind pieces. The single statement earring is characteristic of Sagittarius jewelry. It is unexpected, fun and shows your creative side.

She also has a whole range of chandelier earrings in her jewelry box. What a Sagittarius loves about chandelier earrings it that they are bold pieces. You get to play around with different colored materials like beads, gemstones and tassels.

A Sagittarius also loves a layered necklace. This lets her play around with different sizes, pendants and materials. Key aspect of a typical Sagittarius layered necklace is that the chains are shorter. A long chain gets in the way of her activities so shorter chains are much more comfortable for a regular day.

Another Sagittarius jewelry favorite is a stack of colorful bracelets. She loves pieces with lots of different gemstones on them or vibrant enamel. She also has fun with stacking different thin bracelet designs together. This gives her look more texture.

Let It All Hang Out

Part of the Sagittarius jewelry Bohemian vibe comes from the many pendants and hanging designs. Think of long earrings that reach below the chin and charm bracelets. Look at these extensions as an extra way to add a personal touch. It is normal for a Sagittarius to add her own pendants or other elements to her jewelry pieces.

A Sagittarius wants to feel beautiful in everything that she wears. What is a more magical moment than that photo studio moment of your dress, hair and jewelry gently swaying in the wind? That’s the feeling a Sagittarius looks for every time she steps outside. Secretly, that is the real reason she has a whole arsenal of dangling jewelry.

And speaking of dangling jewelry, these Sagittarius earrings are perfect for her. Medium-sized, with a hoop design and a hanging star sign charm, these earrings are ideal Sagittarius jewelry pieces. Wear them with your layered necklace and stacked bangles to create a bohemian look.

Add Color and Texture with Your Jewelry

Sagittarius jewelry functions as a contrast to their laid back clothing style. A Sagittarius amps up the volume by wearing bold and bright jewelry. Where her clothes tend towards neutrals and simple cuts, her jewelry is more detailed, colorful and textured.

Copy this Sagittarius jewelry style tip to create comfortable looks that still ooze femininity. For example, pair a simple white summer dress with gold jewelry pieces covered in colorful gemstones. Or, give your office outfit a more feminine feel with long asymmetric earrings. Then for monochromatic outfits, add a pop of color through your jewelry pieces.

Remember to also play around with matching different jewelry styles. This creates texture in your look. Wearing different materials is another fun way to bring in more texture.

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