Black Friday is like a marathon for serious shoppers. All your favorite brands have amazing deals but you have to get to them first. It’s no different with Black Friday jewelry shopping. You get to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry at amazing prices. Before letting all those shiny things get to you, prepare yourself. You’ll get the most out of Black Friday if you know exactly what to look for and more importantly, what to avoid. Read through our list of red flags for Black Friday jewelry shopping so you can finish first.

Don’t Go in Blind

You can’t expect to win without any training. (Sorry, still sticking with the marathon metaphor here.) To make sure you get the best jewelry deals you should spend a little time on tracking the pieces that you want.

Start tracking the price of the jewelry pieces on your wish list well before Black Friday. You don’t have to tire yourself out on this one. Just let the internet do the work for you. Brands that are available online will often let you sign up for price drop alerts. All you have to do is listen for the ping in your email.

If these price drop alerts are not available then you can check the prices manually. Look for the item in the newsletters in your inbox and compare this with the current price on the website and the expected Black Friday price. Sometimes the deal is not that great.

If the Black Friday price and regular price are not that different, hold out a little longer. Maybe you’ll get a better deal around Christmas time or in January. The best things are worth waiting for, after all.

Black Friday Jewelry Is Not for Impulse Shopping

This piece of advice adds on to our previous Black Friday jewelry shopping tip of tracking prices. The Black Friday craze is meant to convince consumers that they better buy the item now. Not so fast beautiful jewelry brand. We are not falling for your impulse shopping tricks this year.

We’ve all done it before. We enter the store with the intention of buying just one thing and end up walking out the door with a full bag of unplanned items. Don’t let this happen to you on your Black Friday jewelry shopping spree. That statement piece necklace may have a crazy discount but how often are you really going to wear it?

Go into the jeweler’s focused on the pieces that you really want. Pretend you are wearing blinders for all that other bling calling your name. Bring exactly the amount of cash you need to make your Black Friday jewelry purchase and leave your credit card at home.

Think Before You Buy for Others

It’s a smart idea to snag up some Black Friday jewelry presents to put under the Christmas tree. However, please think about the recipient’s personal style before you add the piece to your cart.

Jewelry is a very personal item to wear and should be a thoughtful gift. Don’t just grab a few bangles from the discount pile without looking at the style and materials used. By the time Christmas rolls around you’ll be confused about who to give them to.

It’s a whole different story if your boyfriend has been dropping hints about needing a new watch and you notice a good looking piece in the store. We are still talking about a watch, of course. He’ll be grateful you saved him the stress of Black Friday jewelry shopping. Somehow, women are just more resilient shoppers.

Quality Over Quantity

Black Friday is your chance to add more glamour to your jewelry collection. Black Friday jewelry shopping is when you choose diamonds over cubic zirconia and solid gold over gold plated. Great sales on costume jewelry happen more often throughout the year so reserve this Black Friday for fine jewelry.

gold hoops

Look for quality pieces during this year’s Black Friday jewelry hunt. Buy classic pieces like a pearl bracelet or chandelier earrings with your favorite gemstones.

This is also your chance to spoil yourself with a complete set of jewelry. If you’ve always wanted your earrings, ring, and necklace to match perfectly then Black Friday is the best time to shop. Or, if you’ve mastered the trend of mixing metals then go ahead and buy your favorite ring design in all types of gold.

Know how to shop for Black Friday jewelry before you actually visit the store and join the madness. This will help you keep cool, calm and with a fantastic new collection. Read our other articles for more tips on how to go jewelry shopping.

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