Capricorn jewelry style is probably the most sophisticated of the zodiac signs. Capricorns are fierce women that appreciate simple classic designs, preferably in neutral colors. Think of pearl drop earrings, gold chain bracelets and long minimalist necklaces. She is also a fan of vintage jewelry pieces that stand the test of time. Quality over quantity is a life quote for Capricorns. This is why vintage pieces that still look fabulous are Capricorn jewelry favorites.

Capricorn jewelry is never loud. Instead, Capricorns let the simplicity in their style speak. Keeping your look subtle yet chic shows total control. Control is what every Capricorn lives for so she radiates this in her style, as well. Want to exude a fierce and chic vibe with your look? Bring out the powerful inner Capricorn in you by following these Capricorn jewelry rules and buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry according to your star sign.

What Is Capricorn Jewelry Style?

Capricorn jewelry style is all about looking effortlessly chic. In some ways, a Capricorn’s style is similar to Virgo style. The difference is that Capricorns prefer darker colors like black, brown, navy and gray while a Virgo gravitates towards the lighter neutrals.

Capricorns also have a no fuss policy when it comes to their jewelry. Most of their pieces are solid gold or silver. They like simple designs with clean lines. No need for super intricate detailing as long as the piece is well made.

You cannot find an oversized jewelry piece in a Capricorn jewelry collection. Oversized jewelry gets in the way of performing the many tasks that a Capricorn is committed to. They are simply not practical for a busy Capricorn.

The same goes for layering jewelry, for that matter. Layering necklaces, bracelets and rings is too much hassle for a Capricorn. One type of jewelry piece is enough. In fact, Capricorns keep the number of pieces that they wear in one look to a minimum, as well. For example, only earrings and a ring.

You rarely find a gemstone in a Capricorn jewelry collection. If you do then it stays within the dark color spectrum like black diamonds, onyx or a deep green emerald. When she does wear a jewelry piece with gemstones then it is a complement to her monochrome outfit. For example, a Capricorn might wear a gray pearl choker with her gray office power suit.

What Are the Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Capricorn?

Capricorns love classic jewelry pieces. They prefer pieces without pendants or any other additions. They find comfort in simple design. It makes them feel more powerful and in control. Think of a delicate gold chain bracelet or a dark gemstone band ring. A chain bracelet with a single charm works too, especially if it’s a Capricorn bracelet like this fabulous Capricorn jewelry piece below.

Studs and huggie earrings are the go-to piece for a Capricorn. A pair of diamond and white gold huggie earrings or onyx studs are all a Capricorn needs. She only brings out the drop earrings on very special occasions. Then she goes for sophisticated glamour with a complete matching jewelry set. For her everyday style, a Capricorn woman will always wear subtle or medium-sized earrings. For example, these beautiful medium-sized hoop earrings that feature an elegant Capricorn charm make for great everyday Capricorn jewelry.

As for necklaces, Capricorns gravitate towards solid gold chains. She looks for interesting chain styles that add texture to her outfit. For example, a Singapore chain or popcorn chain. With such an intricate chain design there is no need for a pendant, according to Miss Capricorn.

Vintage jewelry is never missing from a Capricorn jewelry collection. A nice gold ring with a green gemstone is a classic vintage piece. So are pretty brooches that she can wear on the lapel of her many blazers.

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Less Is More

Simplicity is key with Capricorn jewelry. A strong Capricorn woman has enough confidence, she does not need to show her fierceness with layers of jewelry. Instead, she shows controlled chic style by wearing just a few classic pieces.

Copy this style rule from Capricorns for a strong business woman look. Wear a maximum of three jewelry pieces. For true Capricorn style you really don’t need more. For example, wear gemstone studs with a long gold chain and a bracelet in the same chain style.

Also, keep the design elements to a minimum. A Capricorn gravitates towards jewelry sets because the pieces always match. This way you cannot overdo it by wearing different trends at the same time.

Go Monochrome

Capricorns love monochrome looks. An LBD or all navy outfit creates a strong look, especially when paired with monochromatic jewelry, as well. By monochromatic jewelry we mean either solid gold jewelry or having the same gemstone in each jewelry piece.

Colorful jewelry is not something a Capricorn gravitates towards. That is why gold and silver are the predominant colors in her jewelry collection. You are probably not wearing an all gold or silver outfit soon. You can however, stay within the same tones of color. So, gold jewelry with warm tones and silver jewelry with cooler colors like navy and gray.

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