Travel jewelry is nostalgic, in a very stylish way. It reminds you of hot summers, feeling spontaneous and having complete freedom. Want to go back there whenever you feel stuck behind your desk? Give yourself a little pick-me-up with travel inspired jewelry pieces.

Here is a list of our favorite vacation reminders that you can wear every day. Find the jewelry piece that makes the countdown to your next vacation a little more bearable and discover how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

Taking Flight with Airplane Pendants

The in-flight catalogue is not the only place you can find airplane pendant jewelry. Travel jewelry is available in your hometown, too. Sweet airplane pendants are a quirky detail. You cannot help but think of all the places you still want to visit when seeing a solid gold airplane pendant.

The yellow gold color is the key to keeping this fun detail classy. When you opt for the pendant with colors it reads as a souvenir you can buy on long distance flights. We want airplanes that show we go on luxury vacations, instead. So, stay golden girl. Save the colorful airplanes for your niece to play with.

Sudden itch to book a vacation? Calm yourself by grabbing a piece of jewelry with an airplane pendant, instead. Hang an airplane on your charm bracelet or as a necklace.  Keep it stylishly simple with a thin bangle and airplane detail.

Taking over the World with Maps on Travel Jewelry

There is something so intriguing about maps. Maybe it is seeing the world from a different perspective. One thing we do know is this: travel jewelry with map details is eye-catching. You will turn heads with this style.

Maps on travel jewelry come in many ways. Take your pick. You can look for a broad cuff bracelet with a laser printed map of your favorite city. Wear a world map as a chunky chain necklace to show you own these streets with your style. Rep your country with silver drop earrings shaped like a country map. The list goes on.

You can also go more abstract with maps on travel jewelry. Think for example of a city grid on a ring or stacked bracelets that resemble subway lines.

eye amulet bracelet

Showing Your Wishes with Scripts in Gold

Necklaces and bracelets with a script are back from the 2000s. If you can wear a name, why can’t you wear a city name? Paris, Bali, New York City, they all deserve to be cast in gold, if you ask us. Look for simple bracelets like a velvet band and solid gold script. A thin choker necklace with asymmetrical script also looks cool on a Saturday outfit.

Other than city names, phrases in foreign languages make for pretty travel jewelry, too. Say ‘I do’ to yourself with a gold ring that says ‘oui’. Try something cheeky with dangling earrings that spell out ‘bellissima’. Tropical words like coconuts, palm trees and pineapples also work. Find your favorite words and wear it with pride.

Tags and Bags for Your Next Vacation

Tag necklaces offer a lot of space for designers to get creative on. Think of tag necklaces with travel inspired phrases, palm trees or maps. Look for tags with interesting techniques or a mix of materials. This gives the traditionally male jewelry piece a more feminine feel.

Another tagging trend coming from the runways is multifunctional jewelry. Examples are a necklace to keep your passport in or a stylish chain belt to wear your wallet on. The designs look like little bags for your personal items. We salute this movement towards practical jewelry. After all, the number of pockets in women’s clothing is still disappointing.

Go hunting for tags on jewelry and travel jewelry that is more than just an accessory. This sets you up for an even better vacation.

Landmarks on Rings

Our final favorite travel jewelry style is landmarks on rings. Think of this style as the traveler’s cocktail ring. Instead of catching stares with a massive rock, be the center of attention with a world famous landmark on your finger. Fun examples of landmark rings are a gemstone and silver Eiffel Tower or a signet ring with the Burj Khalifa.

Are landmarks too literal for you? Try something more subtle like mountain ranges, lake outlines or national flowers. Tulips are a cute ring detail to remember your Amsterdam trip, for example. Famous lake outlines are even more abstract. You can wear this travel jewelry as a necklace or a detail on a body chain. Mountain ranges are a classic symbol of the traveler. Mountain shaped studs are a true sign of a free spirit. For more glam, look for a pair with gemstones or colorful enamel.

coin jewelry

Whether you love seeing historical cities, sunbathing on an island or climbing a high mountain, we know that you love traveling. Get yourself some travel jewelry to remind you of the things you love. If a classic symbol doesn’t work for you, simply choose a piece that reminds you of a trip. Better yet, choose a design that speaks about an upcoming vacation so that you don’t lose focus on what you want to visit.

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