Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it is time to write your shopping list. What are you giving your mom to make her feel special? Don’t panic, we have a list of Mothers Day gift ideas to help you out.

We’ll be honest, we still think that jewelry is the best gift to give to your mother.  Since we’ve already given you a list of the top Mother’s Day jewelry pieces, this list is a little different. These Mother’s Day gift ideas include jewelry but are more focused on the idea than the actual piece of jewelry. After all, you know your mother’s style better than us.

Read on for our favorite ideas on how to shower your mother with gifts and learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

  1. Stacking Rings to Match Her Wedding Band

Stacking rings are fun modern way to spruce up your Mother’s jewelry game. When you already have a ring that you love, you start forgetting that there are many more pretty designs. Going for a manicure is a popular idea on Mothers Day gift ideas lists. Consider this gift idea the way to give her hands some TLC without a manicure. Although, now that we mention it, treating your mother to a manicure goes very well with this present.

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We recommend stacking rings without gemstones for easier matching with a wedding band. 14 karat gold is also the best way to guarantee the rings stay just as shiny over the years. Do you want something more bold? Go for stacking rings with small colorful gemstones. You can also contrast the femininity of her wedding ring with a signet ring.

  1. Mothers Day Gift Ideas That Put On the Charms

If your mother does not have a charm bracelet yet then this is double inspiration for your Mothers Day gift ideas. Charms are always exciting presents. The best part is that the charm can be any style or symbol, it still looks good together. If you are looking for Mothers Day gift ideas you can’t go wrong with then this is the one.

There are charm designs from here to infinity. So, what are good charms to give to your mother? Classic choices are a heart, the first initial of her kid’s names and a flower. All three of these symbols are actually trending in spring jewelry, too. You can also choose a more personalized charm. Think of her hobbies and favorite things. Chances are that there is a charm for that.

  1. A Matching Jewelry Set for the Chicest Mom

A complete matching jewelry set is a classic for Mothers Day gift ideas. Wearing the set all together gives your mom Audrey Hepburn vibes. Your mama can also get creative by mixing and matching the different pieces with the rest of her jewelry collection. Versatile jewelry always wins. And don’t we all love having several options? The more the merrier applies to jewelry too, you know.

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For the matching jewelry set, try staying on trend. Hot items this spring are chains, hearts, modern pearls and nature inspired pieces. You can either buy a pre-selected jewelry set or let your inner stylist out and mix and match your own set together. Use the spring trends as your inspiration. Your mom will look fresh and stylish for the rest of the year. You are welcome, mother.

  1. A Classic Bracelet That She Can Wear Anywhere

Classic jewelry pieces always work well as Mothers Day gift ideas. Charm bracelets are already on our list of favorite Mothers Day gift ideas. So, which other bracelet designs are classics that never go out of style? We present to you, the tennis bracelet, chain bracelet and cuff bracelet. These are the types of bracelets that you can wear every day to any occasion. Every woman, including your mother, needs these in her jewelry collection.

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Sneak into your mother’s room and have a look inside her jewelry box. Are any of these essential pieces missing? That is the bracelet you should give to her. Does she already have one (or several knowing our mothers) of each kind of bracelet? No worries, this is still a good idea.

Stacking bracelets are our bonus Mothers Day gift ideas. Choose a cuff bracelet or chain bracelet that matches well with the one she already has. Layering jewelry is another spring trend that we love and we think your mom will love, too. A complementary bracelet also shows how well you know her style, by heart. You mother does not need to know that you very skilfully snuck inside her room to take a peek in her jewelry box. It is a surprise, after all. Right?

Don’t forget that the presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself. Pick a nice box for the jewelry or, if you buy it from Ana Luisa, leave it inside its original box. Our creations comes in very chic boxes with an artsy print. It is always a good idea to put inside the box a handwritten note as well to show your mother how much you care. If you add a bouquet of flowers, you get the perfect Mothers Day gift for you mom.

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