If you are new to Ana Luisa, there is something you should know. We are the best online jewelers. If you aren’t, then you already know this, but have you guessed why? Either way, we have some surprises to announce to you. Read on to find out more about buying & styling fine gemstone jewelry and what makes us special among other jewelers.

Jewelry without guilt

You probably know that the jewelry industry has a lot to account for. Gold and silver mining have seriously damaged our planet and don’t get us started on blood diamonds. Sourcing diamonds from conflict zones has been a long-standing tradition in this industry. And sometimes, those diamonds are the reason for conflict to begin with. Even the best online jewelers have been guilty of what they call fast fashion. That is using cheap labor and earth-scarring methods to create jewelry pieces.

Truth be told, the jewelry industry needed a real change and Ana Luisa is one of the pioneers of this change. We are the best online jewelers because we have always taken into account the impact of jewelry on the environment. Our brand was born a mere one year and a half ago and we made a promise to ourselves. Our beautiful jewelry will also be sustainable and ethical.

This is why, as the best online jewelers, we use 100% recycled gold and silver in our creations. We may not be able to stop everybody from mining gold using cyanide, but we can set an example. If you have browsed through our creations, you may have noticed that we also feature exquisite diamond jewelry on our website. This gorgeous & delicate diamond set featuring a pair of diamond studs sets in 14k gold and a dainty diamond necklace uses lab-grown diamonds. Our diamonds are clean, sustainable and ethical.

Another aspect that makes us the best online jewelers when it comes to sustainability, it is for our gold-dipped jewelry, the plating is done in-house. This way we can ensure high ethical standards.

To sum it up, with Ana Luisa you can buy all the jewelry you want without feeling guilty. Our gorgeous pieces are not hurting the environment or communities in developing countries in any way. What’s more, by getting your jewelry from the best online jewelers, you are also helping us spread the word and set an example that we hope the industry will follow.

The best online jewelers with unique & surprising designs

When it comes to jewelry designs, we do not follow. We set the trends. And, sometimes, our designers let their creativity run wild and the result is gorgeous. As the best online jewelers, we have come up with fabulous unique designs that we are sure you can’t find elsewhere.

For example, take a look at these hand-painted enamel earrings. With their precious-look and their bohemian-inspired design, these earrings are unique. We have them in pink as well but take into account that classic blue is this year’s color.

best online jewelers

And what do you say about these quirky freeform drop earrings with pearls and red beads?

red gemstones unique earrings

Ever thought of mixing freshwater pearls with fire agate? Our designers have and the result is splendid.

agate jewelry

Truth be told, we cannot feature all of our surprising designs in one article. But if you want to check them out (and we know you do), just visit our shop. The best online jewelers are at your disposal to enchant you with stunning pieces that will make your heart skip a beat.

Amazing collaborations resulting in gorgeous jewelry

Another aspect that makes us the best online jewelers is our curiosity. For example, we were in love with some content creators. So what we did is invite them to design jewelry for us. We let their imagination tell us how they see the perfect pieces for a contemporary and sleek woman. And here are some of our favorites designs

best online jewelers

sterling silver bracelet

As the best online jewelers, we have extended our proposal of collaboration to other amazing people as well. Mel in Melbourne designed for us a stunning pair of pearl drop earrings while Rebecca Leung came up with the design of a gorgeous moonstone necklace. If you are interested to see all of our collaborations, just visit our shop.

The best online jewelers with transparent & fair pricing

Last, but not least, we are the best online jewelers also because of our pricing policy. With a vast experience of working in the luxury jewelry industry, we have decided that Ana Luisa will be different from other brands. We don’t aim to be exclusive. We just aim to be unique. And uniqueness shouldn’t come with a 5-figure price tag on it.

This is why, even though we are the best online jewelers, we aim to offer fair-priced jewelry. We have cut the sales agents’, the traditional marketing and the retail markup fees so that we can deliver fair-priced luxury jewelry to you.

In other words, there are four aspects that make us the best online jewelers. Our jewelry is always ethical and sustainable. Our designs are not only gorgeous but also unique. We are always open to have beautiful collaborations with beautiful people. And our prices are fair and transparent.

This being said, find out for yourself why we are the best online jewelers. Visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our fabulous designer jewelry collections.

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