You are getting married and we know that choosing the dress is almost as important as choosing the groom. Along with the dress also comes the bridal jewelry that you will wear on your big day. Avoid turning into a bridezilla and have everything ready on time so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day. Keep reading to discover five fabulous bridal jewelry ideas and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

Classic Bridal Jewelry

pearl drop earrings

If you are a classic gal and you love elegance, then go with pearls. These delicate and feminine gems with their smooth silky luster create ideal bridal jewelry. They offer each bride a unique feminine vibe that goes great with a classic wedding dress. Choose a long pearl necklace and complement it with a pair of cluster pearl earrings. Wear your hair in a chic updo if you want your pearl earrings to be visible. You can still wear your diamond engagement ring and perhaps a delicate hair accessory that will complete your look.

pearl necklace

Of course, depending on the neckline of your wedding gown, you can also choose a short pearl necklace. If you are wearing an off-the-shoulder or sweetheart neckline gown, then it’s best to choose a shorter necklace. However, there is nothing better for a deep-V gown than a long necklace, so pay attention when choosing the necklace length.

Romantic Bridal Jewelry

Some brides love to wear a jewelry piece with a fascinating symbol on their special day. After all, a wedding is about romance and happiness. If you are one of those brides, then a moonstone necklace is exactly what you need on your big day. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the moonstone has some very interesting legends behind it. For example, ancient Greeks and Romans believed that, when two people are wearing moonstones when the moon is high, they will fall madly in love with each other. And what is more romantic than eternal love?

This is one of the reasons why a moonstone necklace is the perfect bridal jewelry. Another reason is that, due to its milky white color, the moonstone works very well with pearls and diamonds. You can wear your moonstone necklace along with other bridal jewelry, like a tennis bracelet and a pair of pearl earrings.

Something New

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They say that any bride must wear something new, something borrowed and something blue. If you are an unconventional bride, then go for a contemporary jewelry design that will become your “something new”. Choose a chunky gold ring along with a pair of gold statement earrings. Make a splash with your oversized bridal jewelry, but keep your wedding gown simple.

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You can also wear a thin long lariat and a jewel clutch to complete this look. After all, your bridal jewelry should be the expression of your personal style. Be bold and chic on your special day with chunky gold jewelry.

Something Borrowed
agate jewelry

Sure, you can actually borrow something, but it’s best to wear a piece that looks as if you got it from your chic grandma and own it. So let’s take a dive into antique bridal jewelry and discover your “something borrowed”.

colored gemstone ring


Wear a pair of gold pearl earrings featuring a red agate gemstone. Style them with a gemstone ring with a vintage cut and a cameo hair accessory. You can continue the vintage theme with an off-white lace dress, but you can also wear your bridal jewelry with a contemporary gown design. Be brilliant and chic on your wedding day with antique bridal jewelry that will help you make an unforgettable impression.

Something Blue

beaded necklace

Last, but not least, we need to talk about your something blue. Wear bridal jewelry with blue gemstones like sapphire and lapis lazuli. Both of these gems have vivid blue shades, but lapis lazuli also has silver or gold specks that offer it a unique look.

As your bridal jewelry, try a lapis lazuli necklace and a deep blue gemstone ring with a vintage cut. Keep your earrings minimal and wear your hair in an elaborate updo to complete this look.

Bridal Jewelry Styling Tips

You are free to choose the jewelry that matches your style for your wedding day. However, there are a couple of rules to follow if you want to obtain a flawless look.

Always choose the necklace according to the neckline of your gown. As a general rule, the necklace should never end where the neckline begins. Also, remember that deep-V necklines work better with longer necklaces.

Another important rule when styling your bridal jewelry is to consider how you will wear your hair before choosing the earrings. Most brides wear their hair up but, even so, you need to coordinate the earrings with your hairstyle and hair jewelry if you are going to wear it.

And, at last, consider the style of your gown. The more elaborate the dress, the simpler the bridal jewelry and vice versa. You want to look stylish and chic on your wedding day, not cover yourself in bling.

If you enjoyed discovering our top ideas for bridal jewelry, then check out the rest of the articles on this blog. You will get access to more styling inspiration, as well as buying guides & jewelry care tips. If you want to get any of the creations featured in this article and see more elegant fine jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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