Every woman secretly wants to be a Parisian. Well, at least during Fashion Week when we are full of Paris jewelry inspiration. French style is chic and glam but always with an ‘I just got out of bed’ air. That’s what we really want, to jump out of bed looking flawless.

While we hold on to that dream, let’s see how we can realistically look effortlessly chic. Let’s use that Paris jewelry inspiration for our day to day wear. Read on to find out which jewelry styles help you channel that French girl elegance and how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

Trade in Your Stringers for Chandelier Earrings

We love the minimalism of stringer earrings. However, chandelier earrings have that extra glam that French women are just born with. The next time your casual outfit needs a little something, try wearing chandelier earrings.

What is the Paris jewelry inspiration for chandelier earrings? If the Paris Fashion Week runways are any indication, it is okay to sparkle like a department store’s jewelry display. Look for curtains of crystals and colored gemstones. Choose a silver setting for a more subtle backdrop to the semi-precious stones.

different types of earrings

The key is sticking to one color. We encourage mixing different colored gemstones on any other occasion except these French-inspired chandelier earrings. The French don’t overdo it, remember?

Non Classic Pearls Are Paris Jewelry Inspiration, Too

Unmissable from any trending jewelry list is untraditional pearl jewelry. Paris style is chic with a carefree air and so are the hottest new pearl designs. Modern pearl jewelry is anything but simple. Designers are amping up the volume with pearls and we love the sound of it.

Keep things classy with pearls set in gold. Everything else is a step away from the classic string of perfect round pearls. This season, pearls are paired with all things glam. Pearls now pair with semi-precious stones in sweet rings and earrings. Even more unexpected is the combination of pearls and gold dipped sea shells. Anything that is untraditional and bold matches with pearls, now.

Pearl hoop earrings

Paris jewelry inspiration also calls for a streamlined French style. However, the new pearl style asks for clothing that is anything but preppy. So, how do you marry these two? Go the androgynous route. Menswear inspired clothing has the clean lines of French style while still being edgy enough for the new pearl trends.

Feeling Rich with Coin Jewelry

Like pearls, coins are a comeback king. Coin jewelry still jingles down the runways and we don’t expect this to change any time soon. So, give your piggy bank a shake and see what comes out. It might just be your new Paris jewelry inspiration.

This season, coin jewelry is more about textures than colors. Gold is the standard, whether solid gold or gold plated. You don’t need any other color than gold. As for the textures, the more varied the better. Coins in the same piece of jewelry can have different textures. Designers use all sorts of techniques to create depth in the piece. For example, a coin necklace with both vintage style coins and grooved simple lines.

december jewelry

For the French girl feels, pair coin jewelry with a crisp white blouse. The white brings out the shine of the gold coins. A layered coin necklace comes out best with a deep V-neck or a wrap shirt. For your other jewelry pieces, stay in the circular theme. For example, hoop earrings with a coin necklace or a minimalist collar necklace with a coin bracelet.

What’s in a Name? Style Definition, My Dear

Our final Paris jewelry inspiration comes from the biggest brand names. It is okay to wear logos and show off brand names, again. Just make sure that you do so like a true Parisian. Wearing logo and names in your jewelry flawlessly is a true skill. This is how you translate the Paris jewelry inspiration into your own style.

Again, stay golden. Gold is undeniably chic and that is so very important with logo jewelry. Wear your favorite brands as earrings, a name necklace or bracelet with the logo set in gold. Want to show that you are a die hard fan? Then add some bling with crystals and semi-precious stones. Again, stick to just one color for the gemstones. This keeps the trend classy.

Logo jewelry looks great with casual clothing. Give your t-shirt and jeans look more street cred with a chunky necklace. Or, show your true personality by adding a signet ring with a brand logo to your favorite power suit. For a night in town, wear sparkly drop earrings with an off the shoulder dress and heels.

Psst, for true Paris jewelry inspiration wear your favorite French fashion and jewelry brands. You don’t have to travel the world to take the best of various cultures. Just like your get your Paris jewelry inspiration from our blog, you can also get more fashion advice here. In truth, on this blog you will find only inspirational content that will enable you to have a great fashion style and become a jewelry expert.

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