Why do young women rarely wear jewelry sets, these days? Honestly, we quite miss having each piece of jewelry already prepared for us. It is a luxury, actually. Wearing a jewelry set is like having a jewelry designer pick out your jewelry look for you. That is basically the definition of having a stylist.

Okay, well not exactly but we are here for it. They are great for polished looks and creating cohesion in our OOTD. So, consider this our love letter to jewelry sets. A stylish lover that we welcome back. Not yet on our level of love for jewelry sets? Then read on for all the reasons why a jewelry set is still stylishly modern. It is all about how you wear the jewelry set and we have all the tips and tricks for you. Read further to discover how to style fine jewelry.

  1. Skip the Identical Gemstone Jewelry Sets

What do we mean by an identical gemstone jewelry set? We are talking about jewelry sets where each piece has the exact same gemstone design on it. For example, a gemstone flower that is exactly the same on the studs, pendant necklace, ring and bracelet.

Paris jewelry

This is what grandma wears. That may be the style of back then but it looks less stylish today. (By the way, grandma’s generation has great jewelry style otherwise so do pick up other style tricks from her.)

Instead, choose a gemstone jewelry set that changes the setting and design in each piece. For example, a set that has gemstone ball studs, a large geometric pendant, beaded gemstone bracelet and cocktail ring. As long as it is the same metal and the same gemstone, it still looks like one set.

  1. Be Careful with Thematic Jewelry

Yes, jewelry sets have a theme but a modern jewelry set does not look like one single piece. Be careful with jewelry sets that take the theme too literal. This quickly translates to costume-like look.

Instead, choose a set that is more abstract in its theme. For example, a nature-inspired jewelry set might include a honeycomb necklace, hexagon studs and a ring with hexagons shaped gemstones. The honeycomb shape is strong in a set like this but it still has variety in design.

malachite jewelry

If the same set were to go the literal OTT route it would have gemstone honeybee earrings and flowers and bees on the bracelet and ring. That set is more appropriate for a theatre character.

  1. Save the (Gemstone) Matching Jewelry Set for Special Occasions

Notice how jewelry sets are a red carpet favorite for celebs? Don’t they always look fab? Matching jewelry sets have a sense of classic glam which is perfect for special occasions. Maybe that is because these sets usually have lots of pearls and gemstones. Layers of sparkly stones automatically makes the look more nighttime appropriate.

freshwater pearls

If you are all about that bling, maybe save the set for a nighttime event. You are essentially wearing several statement pieces together so keep this wow factor for when you want to floor an audience.

  1. Choose a Solid Gold and Silver Jewelry Set for Daytime

The daytime alternative for a gemstone jewelry set is a matching set of solid sterling silver or gold jewelry pieces. Sans gemstones, that is.

boston jewelers

Why should you skip the sparkle? All gold or sterling silver pieces are more subtle and so more appropriate for the day. These sets work great for an office look or a brunch, for example. Look for jewelry sets that have interesting intricate details. For example, chunky gold rope chains, classic rolo sterling silver or delicate singapore chains.

You can even wear a set that combines different metals. Yes, we know! Mixing metals is a long held jewelry style sin but those days are long gone. We are talking about modern jewelry sets, after all.

  1. Subtle Chic Clear Crystal Jewelry Sets

There is an exception to every rule. The exception to no gemstone jewelry sets during the day is a clear crystal jewelry set. Gold or silver? That is up to you!

Feel like we misled you a little with rule 3 – 4. Sorry babes, we just take you through it one step at a time. Plus, have we ever really forbidden any jewelry style? Rules are meant to be broken.

A jewelry set with clear crystals still works for daytime because they are still subtle and a classic look. Now, we are not saying you should wear huge rocks in this set. We are thinking more of simple and small clear crystals. The sparkles are a design detail, not the main event in this look. Make this look more modern by choosing a jewelry set with a different cut of clear crystal on each jewelry piece. Yes, we are still following jewelry set styling rule #1. We don’t just ramble on, you know.

Jewelry sets are stylish and can be very creative. You can even create your own set by getting your jewelry to tell a story. For example, a pearl ring with a pair of shell earrings and a necklace that features both pearls and shells is a DIY jewelry set that looks fabulous.

To create your own set or get fabulous jewelry sets, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our unique fine jewelry collections. We promise you will fall in love with our jewelry designs.

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