Winter is coming, but in a good way thanks to all the trendy jewelry you’ll get to wear. The winter of 2018 is challenging you to go all in when it comes to your jewelry choices. The most fashionable jewelry for next season is bigger and more colorful. The cold will have you wear layers but that doesn’t mean you can’t still grab all the attention with your jewelry. Read through our list of trendy jewelry for this winter so you’ll be prepared for jewelry wonderland. After that, read our article on how to style fine gemstone jewelry to get inspirational ideas.

Dare to Wear Trendy Jewelry

Trendy jewelry this winter is all about taking center stage. While the temperatures are dropping, jewelry styles will be turning up the heat. The golden rule for this winter’s jewelry is ‘the bigger, the better’.

As the days grow darker, you need to brighten up your life with colorful jewelry and statement pieces. Trendy jewelry that you’ll see this winter are colorful gemstones, eighties-inspired earrings, layers of long necklaces and chunky bracelets, circular designs, and body jewelry. You can even wear more than one trend at the same time. If you’re up for it, that is.

enamel drop earrings

Not Your Grandma’s Pearls & Gems

Pretty pearls and rocks in rich colors will be gleaming in this winter’s trendy jewelry. Your grandma’s jewelry box might be a good place to start your treasure hunt but don’t stop there. This year’s designs are not the sweet classic pieces from 60 years ago. The newest pieces are over the top designs with the added shimmer of pearls and (semi) precious stones.

The most beautiful thing you will see this winter is pearls and gemstones that seem to float in the air. It’s like magic. Designers are letting colorful gemstones like sapphires, opal and jade be the center of attention in their earrings. You’ll see designs with dangling thin constructions that hold a large pearl or stone. This is what creates the effect of floating.

pearl drop earrings

Pearls and gems are given edge with geometric and oversized designs. This winter, the candy is piled on with stacked rings, big bracelets, and statement earrings.

Round and Around We Go

Big circles are in this winter. Again, emphasis on the big. You’ll see trendy jewelry pieces that incorporate chunky circles in thick bracelets, jumbo hoop earrings, and massive chain necklaces. These round shapes will come in every color and sometimes with added pearls and gemstones.

ball drop statement earrings

Geometric shapes have been hot these past few years. Circles are a natural continuation from the triangles, lines, and bars that we’ve been seeing. Only this time, the trendy jewelry isn’t simplistic but bold. This might be the year that you’ll get away with wearing those red Christmas ball earrings.

Oh yeah, the other way we are going around – in time that is – is with eighties style studs. Think Pegasus wings, bold buttons, and primary colors.

Your Top Layer: Layered Necklaces, Bibs & Body Jewelry

Once you’ve put on all the layers to keep you warm, it is time to put on the layers that keep you fashionable. This winter’s trendy jewelry includes bib necklaces, layered necklaces and our new personal favorite, body jewelry.

We’ve seen a lot of chokers last year but these don’t work as well with your baggy sweater and turtleneck. Instead, pair a sleek jacket with a crystal bib necklace or wear a layered necklace with a rainbow of colors over your dark turtleneck.

necklaces for woman

For the body jewelry, you take it down a few notches. Stay on trend by choosing body jewelry with circles or a scattering of pretty pearls.

Go Big or Go Home

The main message to take home is that you are allowed to go all the way with this winter’s trendy jewelry. Go big or go home. This is the kind of trendy jewelry that will get you spotted from down the street and we are all in for the fun.

gold statement earrings

This winter, you can forget the age-old rule of taking off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. In fact, you aren’t ready to leave the house until you feel like you are wearing too much trendy jewelry.

Go ahead, pile on the chunky jewelry. Dazzle everyone with your collection of semi-precious stones and pearls. Wear jewelry with a twist. Go bold with your hoop earrings or floating baubles. The bigger, the better. If you want to find out more about jewelry or get inspirational ideas on how to wear it, check out our other articles as well. On Ana Luisa’s blog you will always find the best ideas for styling jewelry.

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