We love red gemstones because of their striking color and unique look. Whenever you want to bring out an outfit and achieve a memorable look, all you have to do is wear jewelry in vivid colors. And what is more vivid than a pair of earrings with deep red gemstones shining beautifully in the night? Since we know you are just as obsessed with jewelry as we are, we have prepared a fabulous article for you. Read further to discover how to style fine jewelry and get a brilliant monochrome look with your red gemstones.

Monochrome red look for a stylish woman

As promised, in the first part of this article, you will get an inspirational idea on creating the perfect monochrome red look. In the second part, we will talk more about red gemstones and the gems that match your personal style.

Red gemstones earrings

We are going to start with the earrings because they will be the most visible pieces. We love statement earrings with elegant gowns and we love unique designs. For the earrings part, we have two proposals for you.

The first proposal is this fabulous pair of statement earrings featuring a combination of red agate and freshwater pearls. Elegant, unique and sophisticated, these earrings will look wonderful with a simple and elegant updo. Don’t try an elaborate hairstyle because it may read as too busy with these highly- detailed earrings. Also, we recommend styling these earrings with red gemstones with an off-the-shoulder red gown as they have the ideal length for this type of dress.

agate jewelry

If you are looking to style a pair of red gemstones earrings with a halter neck gown or even a vivid red tailored blazer, then we recommend this unique pair featuring red beads and lustrous crystal pearls. With their artistic vibe and surprising design, Ana Luisa’s Anni earrings will look great with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. You have also pull your hair up in a sleek ponytail and accessorize these earrings with burgundy lipstick.

unique earrings

Red gemstones ring

The next step in perfectly coordinating your monochrome outfit is choosing the right ring. Since your earrings have vivid red gemstones, you should try a classic gemstone ring with a muted red shade. For this purpose, Ana Luisa’s Palace Champagne ring is ideal. You can wear it on your middle finger or go for a statement look and wear this fabulous ring on your index finger.

colored gemstone ring

Red gemstones necklace

Since you are already wearing a pair of statement earrings, you need to keep your necklace minimal. Choose a simple pendant necklace with a single gemstone, like red agate for example. You can match the color of the earrings or create a gradient look by choosing a necklace with a color between deep red and champagne. It doesn’t have to be a large necklace, but you need to coordinate it with the neckline of your gown. For off-the-shoulder dresses or dresses with a sweetheart neckline, choose a shorter necklace. If you are wearing a gown with a deep-V neckline, then choose a long pendant necklace.

Red gemstones bracelets

Last, but not least, there is the matter of your bracelet. Of course, you can always leave it at home but, if you choose to wear a bracelet, coordinate it with the rest of your outfit. Go for a medium-sized gold cuff with a red gemstone in a bezel setting. You can also wear a tennis bracelet with red crystals if you want a more glamorous look.

Of course, it is needless to say that you need red stiletto shoes and a red clutch. Depending on whether you choose to wear a bracelet or not, there are two options for the clutch. Accessorize your look with a simple clutch if you are wearing a red gemstones bracelet. If not, add a little bit more color with a jewel clutch.

Which red gemstones to choose?

Wearing jewelry with red gemstones is a matter of taste, of course. But you should know that you have a lot of options to choose from. If you are in love with a vibrant deep red color, then go for rubies or garnets. Sometimes, people even confuse garnets with rubies because of their similar shade. Both gems are usually clear and shine beautifully in the light.

Red agate is also a great choice for jewelry. It has a unique waxy luster and sometimes it features natural bands that offer it a unique look. Red agate is smooth and it has a warm red color that is simply stunning.

If you are looking for a unique shade of red, then try red tourmaline. This beautiful gem has a pinkish-red color that you can’t find in other red gemstones and it interacts beautifully with light. Carnelian is another red gemstone with a unique look and it often has a beautiful vintage vibe. With its glassy luster and elegant look, carnelian is a fabulous gemstone.

Last, but not least, consider red coral for your red gemstones collection. As opposed to other gems, red coral is an organic gemstone. Its red color is eye-catching and it has a glossy delicate look.

If you enjoyed discovering our selection of red gemstones, then check out the rest of our other articles. You will find a lot of interesting jewelry information on this blog, so get reading. To view Ana Luisa’s unique gemstone jewelry collections, visit our online jewelry shop and choose the pieces that match your personal style.

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