The moment has come to talk about zodiac jewelry. Make yourself a nice coffee, get comfortable and start reading cause you are about to discover the perfect jewelry styles for you. We will take this one step further than birthstone jewelry and deliver to you fresh & unique styles based on your sign’s characteristics. In this article, you will not only find out which pieces are ideal for you but also what presents to get for your dear ones. Read further to find out exciting tips that will help you upgrade your look and offer you fashion inspiration.

Zodiac jewelry for Aquarius

The rebels of the zodiac, Aquarius people are always looking for a bit of extra creativity in their lives. As a result, you are the first one to try new trends and love to experiment with your fashion sense. Bold, creative and always with a fresh style, you are a true trendsetter. Therefore, mismatched & statement earrings, stacked rings, and bright, colorful cuffs should never miss from your jewelry box.

Fashion inspiration: Lily Statement Earrings by Ana Luisa

statement earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Pieces

Playful and romantic, Pieces love to surprise people and are never afraid to try new things. However, you love to mix and match and combine different styles to create a unique look. In addition, you also like to leave a trace of mystery behind you. Flowery necklaces, textured rings and rose gold bangles will always complement your style.

Fashion inspiration: Poesia Cuff Bracelet by Ana Luisa

cuff bracelet

Zodiac jewelry for Aries

You are bold, courageous and full of life. You are ready to climb the highest peak or go swimming with the dolphins. Aries are always in search of their next adventure and so is their style. Therefore, statement necklaces, leather cuffs, and tassel earrings will go great with your colorful clothes and unique personality.

Fashion inspiration: Olivia Tassel Earrings by Ana Luisa

tassel earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Taurus

Women born under the Taurus sign have a special eye for elegance and luxury. You always make a stunning first impression and are not easy to forget. You will always choose an elegant black gown and a pair of stiletto shoes over sneakers and a print T-shirt. And what could go better with your wardrobe than pearl necklaces, diamond studs, and platinum chain bracelets?

Fashion inspiration: Hope Pearl Drop Earrings

pearl stud earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Gemini

You love to be noticed and are always perceptive when it comes to other people. Nobody knows what hides underneath that mysterious smile of yours, but people love to see you smile. You like to mix classic pieces with futuristic ones and are always in search of inspiration. Mismatched earrings, delicate chokers, and colorful cocktail rings are always great for you.

Fashion inspiration: Luna Stud Earrings by Ana Luisa

silver stud earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Cancer

Whenever you go out of the house people notice you for your classic elegance and sensitive style. You only adopt the fashion trends that you feel comfortable with and always carefully judge a piece before buying it. Feminine, delicate and with very strong beliefs, Cancer women will always prefer fine jewelry over fashion one. Wear crystal stud earrings, medium sized drop earrings, thin bangles and solitaire rings.

Fashion inspiration: Preo Stud Earrings by Ana Luisa

crystal stud earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Leo

Always looking for a new challenge and a way to get out of the comfort zone, Leo women are risk-takers and fun-lovers. Everybody admires your unconventional style and you never go unnoticed with your leopard-print purses, red stilettos, and fabulous hairstyles. Gold hoop earrings, statement cuffs, and gemstone chokers will always work great with your style.

Fashion inspiration: Flower Stud Earrings – Iris Pink

flower studs

Zodiac jewelry for Virgo

Feminine, creative and romantic, Virgos love their chiffon dresses, satin shoes and flower prints. You also feel very close to nature and love to spend time outdoors, walking on a beach shore or reading a book in the park. Your style goes great with delicate necklaces, dangle & drop earrings, and charm bracelets.

Fashion inspiration: Letizia Drop Earrings by Ana Luisa

drop earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Libra

You love to analyze people and the world around you and you always plan your actions ahead. You are, first of all, a thinker in search of the next challenge. Your style combines timeless pieces with fresh and exciting trends. Layered necklaces, bezel rings, cluster earrings and sleek cuff bracelets should never miss from your jewelry box.

Fashion inspiration: Miruna Onyx Signet Ring by Ana Luisa

black onyx ring

Zodiac jewelry for Scorpio

Scorpio women love to have order in their lives and wardrobe but are not afraid to get messy when it comes to a new challenge. You have an unconventional style and an eye for combining pieces in a unique way. In other words, you make it work when other people fail. Twisted hoop earrings, lariats, gold chokers and stacked bangles are your favorite jewelry pieces.

Fashion inspiration: Small Solid Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings by Ana Luisa

gold hoop earrings

Zodiac jewelry for Sagittarius

You are the center of attention at any party with your wicked humor and interesting stories. You love to meet new people, make friends and party all night long. Your fashion style is a mix of sophistication and comfort and you are always trying on new trends. Metallic collars & chokers, subtle bangles, linear drop earrings and textured gemstone rings will always go great with your unique fashion sense.

Fashion inspiration: Nito Gemstone Ring by Ana Luisa

gemstone ring

Zodiac jewelry for Capricorn

Women born under the Capricorn sign are known for their flawless manners, elegant style, and subtlety. Your clothes are always perfect and your hair looks as if you have just gone back from the saloon, no matter the time of the day. Pearl drop earrings, gemstone bangles, solitaire pearl rings and princess length necklaces always look fashionable on you.

Fashion inspiration: Arti Moonstone Cuff Bracelet

moonstone cuff bracelet

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