No, this article is not about jewelry made out of denim. Although, we can see that trend happening when we have our next nineties fashion revival. Jeans jewelry, however, is all about what jewelry to pair with your favorite blues. Or black jeans or distressed white jeans. Whichever denim is your thing. But let’s get back to our business because in this article you will find out how to style fine gemstone jewelry with your jeans.

This American fashion classic is so versatile because with the right jewelry your look can go anywhere. Keep reading for our tips on how to find the right jeans jewelry for every occasion.

Casual Jeans Jewelry

When you want to stay comfortable, a good pair of jeans is your go-to piece. But which pieces should you wear with that?

You can keep your look fun and casual with a set of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings, in any type of gold, will look great with a pair of blue jeans, white t-shirt, and cool sneakers. Put your hair up in a high ponytail to emphasize the hoop earrings.

hoop earrings

For a fresh look with an extra edge, add a choker. Then replace the white t-shirt with a crop top or colorful strapless top. Put on a pair of black heeled booties and you are ready for a night out with your friends. Let the fun begin!

Feminine Jeans Jewelry

A well-made pair of jeans can easily work for a feminine look. Pearls are the epitome of femininity in jewelry. Pair a pearl necklace with a flower pattern shirt in a soft fabric and jeans.

necklaces for woman

You can also channel a prima ballerina by wearing a leotard under your favorite skinny jeans. Put your hair in a sleek bun with pearl earrings to keep in the pearl and jeans theme. Voila, as elegant as a swan.

pearl drop earrings

Another feminine piece is the chandelier. The chandelier earrings, of course, not your house decorations. You can create a classy look with clear stones like cubic zirconia or diamonds in your chandelier earrings. For a more eclectic feminine feel, look for a pair that features colorful gemstones.

A pretty ring will always accentuate your feminine style. For styling with jeans, choose a ring that carries one similar element as your earrings. Think of the same metal, color or gemstones. Don’t pile on the rings for this style. One or two stunners are enough.

Bohemian Jeans Jewelry

Bohemian does not necessarily mean a long loose dress. With the right jewelry, you can look boho chic in a second.

Stack on the bangles and rings to achieve a bohemian look in jeans. Gold bangles work best. Feel free to wear a variety of gold bangles. Enameled bangles, bangles with gemstones, bangles of mixed materials etc. For this look, it all works together as long as you keep the common element of yellow gold.

The same goes for rings. Stack a few solid gold bands with rings that boast emeralds, amber, and rubies. Wear your rings on both hands. Go ahead and flaunt your candy.

If you would rather have just one piece of jewelry to create the boho vibe then go for a layered necklace with pendants and simple chains.

necklaces for woman

Glamorous Jeans Jewelry

Oh yes, looking glamorous no longer means you need to whip out your killer dress. With the right styling, jewelry will elevate your denim to diva status.

Take a cue from feminine jeans jewelry and wear your most stunning chandelier earrings. Diamonds instantly give you more glamour. Carry on the diamond theme with a cuff bracelet and a single classy white gold diamond ring. Let the rocks shine.

Go for your pair of sleek black jeans and an elaborate silk blouse. This will give your diamonds the perfect backdrop to catch all the attention.

If diamonds are not your best friend, wear a fab bib necklace in your choice of material. The most glamorous are solid gold, pearls, and gemstones with a deep rich color like onyx or amethyst. Keep your clothing sleek and in muted colors like cream. This lets your bib necklace be the statement piece it deserves to be.

Office Ready Jeans Jewelry

Are you as thankful as we are that jeans are okay to wear to the office now? For office jewelry, stick to the basics.

A crisp white button down, simple rose gold studs and a delicate pendant necklace are all your jeans need to look professional. Choose a smaller pendant like a single gemstone or a geometric design to keep the look clean.

necklaces for woman

There you go, the best jeans jewelry for every look. All the more reason to be glued to your blue besties. All it requires is the right styling so pile up on your jewelry and transform every pair of jeans you have. Browse on for more of our jewelry styling tips.

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