Romantic jewelry – the name says it all. It’s that special kind of jewelry you wear on a first date you have been preparing for days. We know you have been storming the clothes boutiques in search of that perfect dress, and have tried dozens of shoes and multiple hairdos, just in case. Now that the day is almost here, there is only one thing missing – the romantic jewelry. It may seem like a surprise but the jewelry you choose to wear is the most important expression of your style and personality. Are you the fun type who wears gold hoops and dances till midnight? The romantic girl who wears flowery necklaces and cries at movies? Or maybe the rebel who showcases her studded leather cuff while singing her lungs out at a rock concert? Read further to find out and discover the perfect romantic jewelry for your first date.

Where will you go on your first date?

Before deciding what romantic jewelry to wear on your first date, you need to know where that date will take place. Sure, it may be a surprise, but you still need to ask for some hints. You don’t want to end up wearing a tank top, baggy jeans and a leather choker to a piano concert, do you? As the first rule, think of the time of the day. If your date is during the day, avoid statement pieces and keep it simple but chic. If the date is during the night, it gets more complicated cause you need to find out where your partner will take you. You don’t need to pester him for lots of details, simply ask if it’s an elegant place or a more laidback one. Also, Google is always your friend. If you know the name of the place, simply google it and take a look at some pictures.

What kind of date will you have?

A picnic in the park is very different from a night of pub crawling, for example. And since this is your first date, your partner may not know what you like, so be flexible. Adapt your romantic jewelry and outfit to the occasion. Here are some great ideas to help you rock your first date.

Dinner & a movie

Never underestimate the classics, especially when it comes to dates and romantic jewelry. Great food, good conversation, and an interesting movie can make a fabulous first date. For this occasion, you can wear a nice flowery dress with a jeans jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes. Wear a delicate lotus necklace, a charm bracelet and a pair of stud earrings. You can also try a pair of medium sized gold hoops if you feel comfortable wearing them.

Dance it all the way

Umbrella cocktails, loud music and lots of dancing can bring you and your partner very close. Wear your little black dress along with a statement cuff, a thin choker and a pair of stud earrings to get into your fun mood. Alternatively, you can try that pair of leather pants you keep for special occasions along with your oversized gold hoops and a stacking ring.

Love is in the air

Or in the nature, to be exact. If you are going for a picnic, a walk on the seashore or bird watching, make sure to dress the part. Your romantic jewelry will look great with jeans, comfortable shoes and an inspirational T-shirt. Avoid high heels, tight skirts, and dresses, as well as statement jewelry. A date in nature means leather, wood & textile jewelry. Stack your bracelets to get a cool hippie look.

Romantic jewelry don’ts

Is there any kind of romantic jewelry you can’t wear on your first date? Unfortunately, there is. Some jewelry sends the wrong message to your partner or gets in the way. Of course, we would never tell you not to follow your personal style but some women tend to overdo it when it comes to wearing romantic jewelry on their first dates. So, without further ado, here is what you should avoid.

Lots of big, colorful cuffs

We know you love your plastic cuffs and we love them too. But if you stack four or five big colorful cuffs, it will be very distracting to your partner. You are going to use your hands to explain stories and instead of listening to you, your partner will end up following the rainbow. Only that he won’t find the leprechaun’s treasure at the end of it, only your disappointment that he doesn’t remember what you wanted to be when you were little.

Covering yourself in pearls

Pearls are sexy and they can make great romantic jewelry. But if you stack too many layers of pearls you will look as if you have just descended from the Red Carpet. That can be intimidating, not to mention the fact that it will seem like you overdid it. Stick to a single strand of pearls or maybe a pearl pendant.

Jewelry sets

When it comes to romantic jewelry there is nothing less romantic than a set. Being too matchy-matchy can be boring, so avoid old-school sets. Keep your style interesting and fresh with layered necklaces, mismatched earrings or minimal jewelry.

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