If you love nature-inspired jewelry, then we have great news for you. Shell jewelry is a powerful trend this season and the pieces we have seen so far are absolutely adorable. Feel like going into that vacation mood with a couple of shell jewelry pieces? Then keep close and start reading. In this article, you will discover not only how to style fine gemstone jewelry, but also how to make the most of the shell jewelry trend. Let’s get started.

What types of shell jewelry can we expect this season?

Most of the shell jewelry you will encounter will not be made of actual shells. Your fine gold jewelry, turquoise gems, and pearls are safe to wear, of course. The designs, however, will be inspired by the beauty of shells and we already love them.

Shell stud earrings are a fabulous trend this season so if you don’t already own a pair, it’s time to get one. Other earrings styles that may feature a shell jewelry design are drop earrings and cluster earrings. We don’t expect to see hoops with shell designs but never say never when it comes to the jewelry world.

Chain bracelets with shell charms will also be a big trend this season. We love how delicate and feminine this shell jewelry feels and we know you can’t wait to start styling your new bracelets with shell charms.

Of course, when it comes to shell jewelry, we expect to see a lot of shell pendants hanging from delicate gold chains. We may even see beaded necklaces with shell designs, so expect to have a fun and fabulous summer.

Last, but not least, we may not see a lot of shell rings designs, but we expect the shell anklet to become a must-have jewelry piece this summer. Imagine just how beautiful your coral sandals will look with a delicate gold anklet with tiny shell charms hanging from it.

Styling shell jewelry

Nature-inspired pieces like shell jewelry tell a story about the wearer. This is why styling them the right way is very important. You don’t have to worry. Once again, we got your back and we are here to share some wisdom when it comes to styling shell jewelry. Read further to find out how to accessorize shell jewelry with other pieces and create beautiful themes that will turn you into a fashion icon.

How to style shell earrings

A delicate pair of shell stud earrings will look gorgeous with a flowy light blue dress. Add a little bit of edge to your outfit with a denim vest and wear your hair in a messy updo to evoke that beach hair we all love. Of course, shell jewelry can also work great with more formal clothes, so feel free to wear your shell earrings with your white blazer and trousers.

When it comes to your other jewelry, you can choose other nature-inspired pieces to create a theme. For example, shell jewelry looks fabulous with a coin necklace featuring a sun pendant. Accessorize your shell earrings with this necklace and a turquoise ring and you have an island inspired theme that will double your overall style score.

How to style a shell bracelet

When it comes to shell jewelry, a shell bracelet is more subtle than earrings but just as lovely. Wear your shell bracelet with a crop top and a pair of baggy jeans to create a fashionable look. Choose jewel sandals and complete the look with a nice headband in the same color as the sandals.

Shell jewelry works great with pearls, so if you are wearing a shell bracelet, choose pearl studs. You can tie up your look by wearing a layered necklace that features both pearls and shells.

How to style a shell pendant

Of all the shell jewelry, a shell pendant is the easiest to style. It all depends on the length of the chain, in fact. If you are wearing a shorter shell pendant, choose a tank top with a sweetheart neckline, a pair of hoops and crop jeans. If you are wearing a longer shell pendant, try a midi wrap dress with a deep-V neckline and flat sandals. Instead of hoops, wear a pair of crystal studs and stack a couple of gold thin bangles to get a romantic and fabulous look.

How to style a shell anklet

Yes, shell jewelry is fabulous and so are anklets. And when those two trends come together we can expect great things to happen. So, if you are wearing a shell jewelry inspired anklet, then wear sandals with high heels. If the anklet is gold, try coral or deep blue sandals. If the anklet also features other colors, choose beige sandals that act like a canvass for your ankle bracelet.

Bring back the theme of your ankle shell jewelry in your earrings by wearing aquamarine studs and stack a couple of colored gemstone rings to get a beautiful statement look.

If you enjoyed reading about shell jewelry and discovering multiple ways for styling it, check out the rest of our articles as well. You will find a lot of interesting advice that will help you up your jewelry game and take your look to the next level. If you want to get started on your shell jewelry collection, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. In our unique fine jewelry collections, you will find fabulous pieces that will transform any outfit into a carefully curated look.

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