Stop overlooking black onyx jewelry and incorporate it into your jewelry style. Mixing gemstone jewelry is all over every runway but somehow black onyx jewelry is still missing.

We say, embrace this dark and mysterious gemstone. We wear black clothing all the time so why not wear a black gemstone, too? And if it is a little too dark for you then do what we love doing the most – wearing different gemstone jewelry together.

Read on for our tips on how to pair black onyx jewelry and discover how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

Which Gemstones Work with Black Onyx?

We won’t go into what kind of semi-precious stone onyx is and what its spiritual meaning is. Been there, done that. Instead, we are diving right into what is really important; how to style black onyx jewelry with other gemstones.

There are very few black gemstones aside from black onyx jewelry. There are even fewer jewelry pieces that combine black gemstones with other semi-precious and precious stones. So, when you are pairing black onyx jewelry with other gemstones you are likely pairing several gemstone jewelry pieces together.

Before we even get into jewelry design, let’s cover the basics. Which gemstone colors work well with the black color of onyx?

Well, black works with everything so essentially, any gemstone goes. Not happy with that answer? Okay, let’s get more specific, then.

Black onyx jewelry is a great contrast for clear crystals and white gemstones like diamonds, moonstone, pearls and white opal. White and black is a classic pairing, whether it is in jewelry or in clothing.

Black onyx jewelry is also a great companion for dark gemstones like rubies, amethyst, jade and sapphires. The deep color of these stones come out even better against the opaque black of onyx.

Probably our least favorite match is black onyx jewelry with soft gemstone colors like morganite, yellow beryl and lighter tourmaline colors. The black is overpowering to these gemstones so they seem less shiny.

Then we get into the more difficult pairing; multicolored gemstones and black onyx jewelry. You can do this right but it depends on the spectrum of colors in the gemstone. Like we just said, a lighter gemstone fades against black onyx jewelry. However, black onyx brings out the shine of a couple of multicolored gemstones like dark opals, warm topaz tones and lapis lazuli with gold specks.

How to Create Cohesion with Different Gemstone Jewelry

Don’t mix metals when you are already playing around with color by pairing black onyx jewelry with other gemstone jewelry. This makes the look less cohesive. There is just too much going on if you mix both gemstones and metals. Instead, stick with one kind of metal in each jewelry piece. Both sterling silver and gold jewelry bring out onyx. So, it depends more on what gemstones you are pairing the black onyx with.

There is a simple general rule for gemstone colors and metals. Gemstones with warmer colors work better with silver or white gold. Naturally then, gemstones with cooler colors work better in a gold setting. For example, stack sterling silver bracelets with onyx, amber and rhodolite. Or, pair a gold onyx necklace with gold lapis lazuli earrings.

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The alternative for still mixing metals is wearing braided metal jewelry. However, different braided metals with onyx and other gemstones results in a lot happening at the same time. What we love about onyx is that the color shows control. You are letting go of that control by combing too many elements.

What About Design in Pairing Black Onyx Jewelry?

Some jewelry pieces give off the vibe of certain time period. For example, colorful geometric earrings are an 80s throwback. Another example is gold signet rings, crucifix pendants and coin jewelry that reminds us of the Byzantine period.

Carry through the jewelry design style when the black onyx jewelry piece is a period(-inspired) piece. Black onyx is a popular gemstone for a signet ring, for example. Continue the Byzantine theme with a gemstone cross necklace.

Is there no specific time period but there is a characteristic design element? Continue this, too. Think of cluster onyx earrings with a cluster ring. If possible, match the gemstones besides onyx with another jewelry piece that has at least one gemstone that is the same. This creates color cohesion.

Another design element that creates a red thread through the jewelry pieces is the chain. Sterling silver and gold chains are the best backdrop for black onyx jewelry. This gives you another method for matching gemstone jewelry pieces. Wear different gold or silver jewelry pieces that have the same chain design. Take an anchor chain onyx bracelet and pair it with a solid gold anchor chain necklace, for example.

What we love the most about black onyx jewelry is that it is always easy to create a statement with it. A powerful stone, black onyx exudes confidence and draws attention to your style. If you enjoyed reading about black onyx jewelry, check out the rest of our articles as well. You will discover interesting informational content that will help you solve your jewelry dilemmas and have an impeccable style every single time you get out of the house.

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