Shakespeare clearly didn’t know much about jewelry. Otherwise, his “to be or not to be” would have turned to “silver vs gold”. Joke aside, this is one dilemma every woman has when it comes to choosing jewelry. Whether you want to buy a new piece of jewelry or choose the perfect jewelry for an event, this question always creeps in. Should you wear silver or gold? Who wins the silver vs gold battle? The answer is that it depends on the circumstances and what you want to achieve. So read further to discover the most important fine jewelry styling rules. As a bonus, we have a final surprise for you, but you’ll have to read to the end of the article to discover it.

Silver vs gold & their wearability

When it comes to silver vs gold in the buying decision, the short answer is that you should have both metals present in your jewelry box. But we know you want the long answer, so here is what you should know.

When it comes to the durability, in the silver vs gold battle, there is no clear winner. Both of them are soft metals and, as a result, the jewelry piece is an alloy meant to increase its durability. However, silver does get tarnished so might want to consider that. Of course, you can always polish the tarnish layer away or take your silver jewelry for a professional cleaning.

Regarding where you can wear your jewelry, you should know that silver is more versatile. However, for formal occasions, white gold is more appropriate.

As you can see, it’s a good idea to have both precious metals in your jewelry box to be able to mix and match your jewelry according to the occasion. And this leads us to the next question – when and how to wear silver or gold?

Silver vs gold & your look

As you can probably guess, some outfits or looks just go better with gold jewelry, while others work better with silver jewelry. We know, this sounds vague and it doesn’t really offer an answer to your silver vs gold dilemma. So let’s get more into it and discover what type of outfits work best with one of these two precious metals.

Golden looks, great styles

Due to its warmth and particular shine, gold is a romantic metal that works best with bohemian styles and vintage looks.

A patterned caftan will look absolutely delicious with a pair of gold hoop earrings, for example. Add a gold gemstone cuff with organic finish gems and you will obtain a flawless look. Besides the vintage style, preppy or navy looks are also great with gold jewelry. Think military jackets, dark colors, and plaid skirts. Of course, your lips should be red with any of these outfits, and your eyes should have dark eyeliner.

Silver glimmer, glam styles

Its unique color makes silver one of the best metals for evening jewelry featuring diamonds, pearls or clear crystals. When it comes to silver vs gold, silver doesn’t have that warmth we talked about earlier. Of course, it has something else – a sleek and polished feel.

If you are going to an event and want to achieve a glam look, choose brushed or antique-looking silver jewelry. Choose a rich velvet dress and an interesting updo. Your lips should have a dramatic tone, like plum or burgundy.

Of course, you can also wear silver jewelry on a daily basis. A great styling idea would be to pair a silver collar with a simple dress and boots.

Bonus – silver vs gold dilemma solved

If you are still wondering about silver vs gold, we have great news for you. What if you didn’t have to choose anymore? What if you could wear both at the same time? Yes, recent jewelry trends have shown us that we can wear both silver and gold at the same time. The trick is to know how to combine them.

If you are planning to wear a pair of silver statement earrings with a gold collar, think again. You can combine these metals, but there has to be a common element. And that common element you can only find through layering.

This means that you can wear your silver statement earrings, but not with a gold collar. Try them with layered chain necklaces, such as a dainty silver chain and a subtle gold chain. The same goes for bangles and rings. Wear both gold and silver when you stack your bangles or rings to obtain a fashionable and fabulous look.

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