A new season has started which means that you need to spruce up your jewelry box. And to help you do that, we have gathered 5 recommendations from the best fine jewelers. Discover the fall trends this year, what jewelry pieces are making a comeback and how to style your fine gemstone jewelry like a fashion pro. Get yourself a coffee, relax and start reading to find out everything you need to know about this season’s hottest trends.

Fine jewelers guidelines for this fall

Before we start talking about specific pieces, there are some general style guidelines that you need to know about. Most of the fine jewelers agree that this season is going to be an interesting one with lots of creativity when it comes to jewelry. So here is what you need to be aware of when it comes to jewelry styling this fall.

  • White jewelry metals are making a strong comeback. Fine jewelers agree that it was time for silver, white gold and platinum to be featured in fresh jewelry designs. Rose gold had its moment last summer, yellow gold was the craze this year and now the time has come for white metals. Chic silver hoops, statement platinum bracelets and dainty white gold necklaces are some of the hottest jewelry pieces this fall.
  • Color-blocking becomes color-matching. As all fine jewelers will tell you, there will be a lot of color this fall. However, if last year’s trend was about color-blocking, this fall you need to match your pieces according to the colors of the gemstones. Jewelry sets have never looked so good before and we are happy about it.
  • Layered necklaces are still trendy and they have become even more elaborate. Mix patterns, gemstones and different chain styles to achieve an impeccable result. All the fine jewelers agree that any woman must own at least one layered necklace in her jewelry collection.
  • Link jewelry is also a big trend this fall. Creative link earrings, oversized link necklaces and other fab jewelry pieces will be featured a lot this season. Get creative styling your link jewelry with geometric pieces to achieve a fab look.

Best earrings styles this fall

Now that you know about some of the biggest trends this fall, it’s time to see a couple of must-have jewelry pieces recommended by the best fine jewelers.

When it comes to earrings, you need to get yourself a pair of sterling silver hoops a.s.a.p. Choose a large pair of hoops to wear with your crop tops and baggy jeans. Wear your medium-sized silver hoops with your tailored blazers and midi skirt and save your huggies for your glam-rock outfits. Regardless of what kind of silver hoops you choose, the point is to have these fab pieces in your jewelry collection.

sterling silver earrings

Another style for earrings that fine jewelers recommend are link earrings. Creative, chic and always great to wear on a daily basis, link earrings are fab. You can get a linear drop pair, go for hoops or ear cuffs. Fine jewelers recommend styling link earrings with dainty necklaces and thin bangle bracelets.

What rings to wear this fall

When it comes to your rings, go for color. As fine jewelers tell us, colourful gemstones with vintage cuts are very hot this fall. What’s more, you can get a set and match your colourful jewelry. Choose one of Ana Luisa’s Palace necklace and the matching Palace ring to create a vibrant and beautiful look.

colored gemstone ring

And because the fall is about layers and getting stylish with different textures, you can also stack your rings. Fine jewelers recommend wearing your colourful rings along with signet and midi rings to create a hip look.

Choosing a new necklace this fall

Remember, when it comes to necklaces, layered is the keyword as fine jewelers tell us. Get a new layered necklace and have fun styling it with your other jewelry. You can choose a design with gemstones and coin pendants or you can go for an all-metal layered necklace that is equally fabulous.

But what about pearls? We know that by now you must have a big pearl jewelry collection. After all, pearls were the craze for the past two seasons. Don’t worry, we have great news. As fine jewelers will tell you, pearl jewelry is here to stay. You can still wear your favorite pearl earrings and necklaces, but incorporate them into the fall trends.

For example, you can style your dainty pearl necklace with a pair of link earrings or layered it with other necklaces. You can also wear your favorite pearl hoops and get a mismatched look by wearing a pearl hoop in one ear and a silver hoop in the other.

There are many ways you can get creative about your jewelry and Ana Luisa’s blog is the place where you find out about all of them. So if you enjoyed reading this article, check out the rest of our other articles. Discover useful jewelry buying guides, creative styling advice as well as informative care guides for your fine jewelry. Get the freshest trends from the best fine jewelers by reading our blog constantly.

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