Celestial jewelry has a festive feeling and it is perfect to wear on X-mas, New Year’s party or whenever you want to add an extra sparkle to your outfit. Chic, playful and gorgeous, this type of jewelry must not miss from your jewelry collection. Whether you want to prepare your outfit for the New Year’s party or you simply want to stay fashionable, keep on reading. In this article, you will discover how to style fine gemstone jewelry and learn how to accessorize your favorite celestial jewelry pieces.

What is celestial jewelry?

The sky is an inspiration not only for painters and musicians but also for jewelry designers. This is how celestial jewelry was born. Pieces that resemble stars, the moon, the sun or even planets are celestial jewelry pieces. Basically, any jewelry piece that is inspired by an object in the sky falls into this category. A special kind of celestial jewelry is moonstone jewelry. Because the moonstone is a very particular gem with its eerie inner glow, and jewelry piece that features a moonstone gem has a celestial feeling.

Celestial jewelry styling ideas

Styling celestial jewelry is easy as long as you let your inspiration run free. But we promised a couple of ideas that will help you prepare your outfits for the holidays so read further.

Sterling silver star earrings & lace chokers

Star earrings are among the most popular celestial jewelry pieces. They are also easy to accessorize with other pieces. Ana Luisa’s Alice earrings are sleek, minimal and perfect to wear with a feminine black lace choker. Create a contrasting look by also adding a chunky cuff bracelet. Wear your hair up in a sleek ponytail, a V-neckline blouse in a solid color and a colorful midi skirt to complete a fabulous look.

Moonstones and pearls

Get a delicate, ethereal look by combining moonstones with pearls. Ana Luisa’s Rebecca necklace features a moonstone pendant that looks gorgeous. Try wearing it with a pair of pearl drop earrings to create a feminine vibe. You can choose baroque pearls or you can go for perfectly round pearls, depending on your preferences. You don’t need to wear a ring or a bracelet for this look, but a really stylish idea is to wear an anklet with pearl charms. Style your hair in natural wavy curls and wear a chiffon or silk dress to complete this look. Accessorize your celestial jewelry to get an impeccable and irresistible look.

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Sunny sensation

Stars and moonstones are about the beauty of the night. But celestial jewelry is also about the sun. And what better way to evoke the sun in cold winter days than to wear it on yourself?

Ana Luisa’s Michelle set features a couple of layered necklaces among which you can find a classy sun pendant necklace. You can also get Ana Luisa’s Michelle earrings with sub charms and wear the set. Jewelry sets can be very chic when it comes to celestial jewelry. Choose a crop cashmere jumper with a boat necklace, a pair of leather pants and strappy boots to complete your look.

Layered necklaces & celestial jewelry

If you love statement necklaces and are obsessed with the layered design, then we have a confession to make. Layered necklaces are our obsession too, and this is why we couldn’t help but include them in our collection. This fabulous necklace features an onyx pendant, a Virgin Mary necklace and a big sun pendant that looks gorgeous.

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When wearing this celestial jewelry piece, make sure to make it the focal point of your outfit. Style it with a solid color tee and a pair of cuff jeans. Wear a leather jacket, stud earrings, and stiletto shoes to complete this look.

The sun around your finger

Want to be subtle about your jewelry? Then Ana Luisa’s Sol ring is the perfect piece for you. Its gorgeous design makes it a very festive jewelry piece.  The good news is that this celestial jewelry piece is also easy to accessorize.

stackable ring

Create a fab layered look by wearing this ring along with other rings in the same theme. Think about combining the Sol ring with a moonstone ring and a delicate star ring. Bring back the sunny theme in your pendant necklace or earrings. Wear a cashmere blazer, a pencil skirt, and a silk blouse to complete the look.

BONUS: Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is not, necessarily, celestial jewelry but it sparkles as beautiful as the stars. And Ana Luisa has just launched a gorgeous diamond jewelry set that must not miss from your jewelry collection. With delicate diamond studs and a dainty diamond necklace, this set is both versatile and sleek.

Wear a black velvet midi dress and stiletto shoes when wearing this diamond set. You don’t need to wear any other jewelry, but you can try a delicate broche or a headband with gemstones. Complete your look with a chic clutch and you are ready to go out.

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