Vintage fine jewelry is exquisite. With its intricate design, elegant look and delicate texture, this type of jewelry is great to wear when you want to achieve a memorable look. Don’t have any ideas on what you are going to wear to the upcoming formal event you are attending? It’s okay. We have 5 such ideas that will transform your look into a fashion statement. Vintage is the keyword here. Read on to discover how to style fine gemstone jewelry and wear your vintage fine jewelry pieces like a fashion expert.

Vintage fine jewelry & pearls

Pearls are the past, the present and the future of fine jewelry. We love pearls and we are sure that you love them too. So get a pearly chic look for your next event with vintage fine jewelry and a shimmering delicate gown.

agate jewelry

Ana Luisa’s Raphaelle earrings with pearls and red agate are elegant, gorgeous and perfect for a formal event. Wear your hair in a sleek hairstyle to maximize the effect of your pearl earrings. The next vintage fine jewelry piece you should put on is a princess-length pearl necklace. Complete your look with a red agate ring with a vintage cut. Your vintage shimmering gown will be the perfect canvass for your jewelry while also attracting attention to your beautiful style. Put on a deep red lipstick and eyeliner and you are ready for the party.

Golden decadence & vintage fine jewelry

Yellow gold is not only gorgeous, but it also looks perfect with vintage-inspired clothes. For this look, we recommend two fab jewelry pieces by Ana Luisa.

Our Beatriz earrings have a unique antique look that is both elegant and stylish. Wear your hair in a sleek bun to let these gorgeous gold earrings be visible. Next, accessorize these beautiful vintage fine jewelry pieces with a gold beaded necklace. Choose Ana Luisa’s Aurora necklace to get a unique, irresistible look. And what about your clothes? Wear a silk gown with a sweetheart neckline and an open back. Match it with strappy sandals and a jewelry clutch and you have the recipe for a perfect look. If you want to take it one step further, you can also wear a faux-fur boa.

A stylish & delicate look with blue gemstones

If the two styling ideas above are not your cup of tea, don’t be blue. We have another amazing idea for vintage fine jewelry styling. Try a monochrome look with blue gemstone jewelry and a midi retro gown.

For this look, choose Ana Luisa’s Marianne necklace. With a gorgeous antique look and a beautiful turquoise pendant, this necklace will look amazing with a simple midi gown in a baby blue color. Accessorize this necklace with a pair of aquamarine stud earrings and a sapphire ring with a vintage cut. Put on your stiletto shoes and your pink lipstick and you are ready to rock this party.

A royal look with vintage fine jewelry sets

We don’t usually like sets, but we are going to make an exception when it comes to vintage fine jewelry. A retro-inspired look is perfect for wearing jewelry sets. And to prove it to you, at Ana Luisa, you will discover our fab Palace collection with gemstone rings and necklaces with vintage cuts.

colored gemstone ring

Whether you choose deep blue, rose pink or olive green, make sure to get both the ring and the matching pendant necklace. You can create a gorgeous monochrome look with your vintage fine jewelry set, but you can also mix and match your way into a perfect style.

We recommend wearing these sets with a flowy satin gown, strappy sandals, and delicate gloves. As for your rings, you can wear simple gold studs to complete this look and provide the perfect backdrop for your beautiful jewelry set.

Art & femininity with enamel jewelry

On top of our favorite vintage fine jewelry pieces are enamel pieces. There is something artistic and breath-taking about enamel jewelry and we are simply obsessed with it.

enamel earrings

For example, take Ana Luisa’s Hana earrings. With a stunning enamel work, unique design and an elegant look, these earrings are great to wear to any event. Get an impeccable look by accessorizing them with a delicate lace gown. Wear your hair in a messy updo to let these fab earrings be visible to everybody. You can style them with a pearl pendant necklace and a delicate pearl ring. Wear sandals and a simple clutch to complete this amazing look.

Vintage fine jewelry is always a great idea when it comes to formal events. Of course, you can also wear it with casual outfits as well, depending on the style. And if you are feeling bold, you can mix and match vintage fine jewelry with contemporary pieces to create a unique look. Experience with your jewelry and discover your fab personal style.

If you enjoyed reading this article and are ready for more styling inspiration, go ahead and check out the rest of our other articles. We constantly publish content on this blog and you are sure to find all the jewelry styling inspiration you need here.

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