Tassels, tassels, tassels. This is somewhat an unexpected trend but it seems like tassel jewelry is here to stay. So, are you ready to jump on the bandwagon? Maybe you’ve already made tassel earrings your statement piece. In that case, let’s expand your horizon to tassel bracelets and tassel necklaces. These are tricky pieces of jewelry but if you know how to style fine jewlery, they will make your look extra fabulous. Read on for our tips on how to style tassel jewelry.

The Tassel Jewelry Basic: Tassel Earrings

If you’re new to tassel jewelry, start with the basic fabric tassel earrings. This is the basic tassel earring style you should master before adding on more tassels.

Longer full tassel earrings are best worn in a solid color. This can be in a popping red, sweet turquoise, an elegant black and so on. There is a tassel in every shade of the color wheel.

For the earrings in a bright color, wear clothes in more subdued colors without any patterns. Think camel shorts with a solid color top and emerald green tassel earrings.

For pastel and white clothing, choose a softer colored tassel. When you dress in black or darker colors you can stay in the color scheme with the same dark color tassel. A monochrome look is very classy yet still cool.

Tassel jewelry is already an eye catcher so they don’t need much to stand out. If you’re going for the big vibrant color tassels then mute down the colors in your clothes. To keep it from looking messy, wear tassel earrings in the same color as your outfit to look streamlined.

Bohemian & Eclectic Tassel Jewelry

When you feel ready to step up your tassel game, go for hoop earrings with tassels. Let these tassels be shorter and all in the same color to avoid the earrings from overpowering your face. Warm metallic colors like copper and yellow gold work best to keep it soft. These earrings look fantastic with the eclectic or bohemian style.

You can also add on tassel jewelry with a rope necklace that has one big tassel pendant. A long tassel necklace deserves a plain background so don’t wear a patterned top with this.

Metallic Tassels

Another version of tassels are tassels made out of metal chains. These earrings pair well with a rocker aesthetic or a minimalist look. Wear metallic tassels with your distressed band t-shirt or with a crisp white button down to the office.


Take your pick from the three jewelry options. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with metallic tassels all work for an edgy or sleek look.

boho earrings

The key for this type of tassel jewelry is for the rest of the design to be simple, clean and in a complementary precious metal. For example, black metallic tassel earrings can have a brass colored hood that holds it together at the top. A metallic tassel bracelet could be a solid gold chain bracelet. And for the necklace, it’s best if the tassel is in the same color as the chain to keep it from looking messy.

Ombre Tassels

Ombre tassels are for the woman that isn’t afraid of risks. Have one of the shades in the ombre come back in your outfit to create cohesion.

For example, a loose-fitting white dress looks cute with a dark gray to white ombre tassel necklace. Or, wear a blue ombre tassel charm with a thin chain bracelet to match your blue suede pumps.

Don’t wear ombre tassels with a color scheme that is not in your outfit. This will make the tassels scream for attention and clash with your clothes.

Don’t Overdo Tassel Jewelry

Tassel jewelry is very stylish but is easily read as over the top. To avoid looking like you’re trying too hard, play it safe with one piece of tassel jewelry. The exception with this is when your tassels are smaller elements in the jewelry pieces and in subdued solid colors.

If you already have one piece of tassel jewelry that’s your statement piece, simplify your other jewelry. Only wear studs or small simple hoops with a tassel necklace. Wear only a solid gold ring or even better, no other jewelry, when wearing large tassel earrings. Stick to one bracelet with a tassel and pair it with minimalist jewelry.

It’s impossible not to have fun when you are wearing tassel jewelry. Just look at them, don’t they make you want to smile? If tassels are not your cup of tea, read our articles on other jewelry styles that are hot right now.

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