Flower jewelry is no longer limited to children’s jewelry sets. Adults can wear floral shapes in their jewelry beautifully, too. The trick is finding a modern design with carefully chosen colors and for that you need to know how to style fine jewelry. The right piece of jewelry adds a romantic and feminine quality to your look. Are you ready to re-introduce flowers in your jewelry collection? You will be after our advice on how to wear flower jewelry. Read on to fall back in love with wearing flowers.

What to Avoid in Flower Jewelry

You don’t want to repeat the jewelry style that you had as a ten-year-old girl. Okay, your flower choker from back then was the most fabulous thing but you can top that jewelry highlight with a piece that fits today’s style.

There are a few things to avoid when wearing flower jewelry today. The first thing on your what-not-to-do list is to wear too many flowers. A single jewelry piece with too many flower elements can read as too busy. Similarly, wearing a complete matching jewelry set with floral shapes can feel dated. You don’t want to overdo it. Keep your flower jewelry subtle for the best impact.

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The second warning sign is floral pieces with too many colors. A jewelry piece with too many colors takes away from the design. Instead, choose jewelry pieces that are metallic. The flower element itself can be a different color. For example, wear a brass bangle with an enameled flower in the center instead of a charm bracelet with five different flower charms in five different colors.

How to Choose a Flower Shaped Design

So, which design is the right one for your style? Here are a few inspirational tips on design details that match with different aesthetics.

If you are a free spirit you might gravitate towards Middle Eastern and Asian designs such as lotus flowers or plumeria. These flowers look great as solid metal jewelry and with clear stones. Think of a silver pendant on a rope necklace or of a creeper earring with diamonds.

Flowers in colored stones can work for different aesthetics. Softer colors like amber or rose quartz are romantic and will compliment a feminine look. Try an amber amulet necklace or a gold snake chain bracelet with a rose quartz bauble.

Bright colors like ruby and amethyst make a statement. If you don’t shy away from color then you can choose a design that incorporates two or maximum three different stones. Imagine how great a bib necklace with colored flowers would look with your low neck little black dress

If patterns scare you then you can choose a design that is more abstract. You can consider a solid gold drop earring in an abstract flower shape. Abstract designs look best in solid metals with one colored or clear stone.

Which Clothes to Wear with Flower Jewelry

Can you match clothes with a floral pattern with flower jewelry? Well, that depends on your style. We believe that it can be done. If you are daring enough, that is. And you are a daring Ana Luisa woman.

Here are some ideas for looks that bring out the flower power in you.

  • A wool sweater dress in a floral print with delicate flower studs.
  • A floral circle skirt and plain short-sleeved shirt with a solid gold woven flower bracelet.
  • Denim shorts with a flower pattern, tank top and a layered necklace with a flower pendant.
  • A floral bodysuit, black pants and a statement ring with a large flower-shaped

If you are not ready yet to go all out with flowers then let’s stick to the basics first. Which types of flower jewelry should you wear with which non-flowered clothing? As long as you stick to our tips on which designs to avoid then you should be all good. Identify your own personal style and decide how flower jewelry would merge the best within your aesthetic. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • A boho chic short white dress with a floral anklet and beaded flats.
  • A strapless jumpsuit with a solid gold flower bracelet and a matching hair clip in the same design.
  • An all-black outfit with two to four floral rings in different materials and stones.
  • A bright colored dress with rose-shaped studs in the same color.

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There are endless jewelry designs that incorporate flowers. It is up to you to decide which design is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Go simple with solid silver flower studs or stand out by wearing a stack of rings with colored stone flowers. Would you like to try a different jewelry trend? Keep reading for more on trend jewelry inspiration.

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