When you are wearing your gemstone jewelry you feel fabulous, fresh and full of inspiration. It is said that each gemstone has special properties that will help you elevate your mood. While we don’t know about that, we know one thing that is sure to lift up your spirits – having a flawless style. Since you are reading this, you agree with us, so we think it’s time to answer to an important dilemma – how to combine gemstone jewelry. With over 130 gem varieties, there are more colors than we can count and it can get difficult to know how to match them. But rest assured because after you finish reading this, you will be one step closer to becoming a gem expert and a trendsetter. Continue to read further to discover to rules of combining gemstone jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry best color combinations

Whether you are designing a ring and wondering which gemstones to choose or want to go out and are trying to find the best jewelry pieces that go well together, the same color rules apply. Firstly, take a good look at the color wheel because we are going to use it a lot in this article. You will notice that each color has its position and that position is extremely important when combining gemstone jewelry.

Complimentary jewelry

Opposite colors on the wheel are called complementary. They provide a unique balance to one another and to your jewelry pieces as well.

Here is some inspiration for you to try out next time you go out:

  • Rubies & emeralds
  • Amethyst & citrine
  • Sapphire & sunstone

Analogous jewelry

It does seem like a technical term, but it is quite easy actually. Two or three adjacent colors on this wheel represent analogous colors. This is a very elegant combination and, if you are using three different gemstone jewelry pieces, one of them needs to have a less saturated tone.

Try some of this combinations:

  • Rubies & citrines
  • Amethyst, garnet & citrine
  • Emerald & sapphires

Monochromatic effect

As the name suggests it, monochromatic gemstones have similar shades. From all blue gemstones to all red or purple, there are a lot of options to try and the overall effect will be fabulous. However, make sure that the hues are different, even though they are part of the same color field.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you upgrade your gemstone jewelry style:

  • Turquoise & aquamarine
  • Ruby & garnet
  • Yellow diamond, citrine & yellow sapphire

Triadic jewelry combinations

Ready to take this one step further? Imagine a triangle on the color wheel and you will discover the triadic colors. They are equally spaced on the color wheel and each will represent the angle of the triangle. You may need to take out your compass for this one but, once you understand it, you will be able to flawlessly combine gemstone jewelry.

To help you get started, try these combinations:

  • Blue topaz, pink tourmaline & canary diamond
  • Amethyst, amazonite & fire opal
  • Emerald, spinel & Tiger’s Eye

Tetradic combinations

If you thought the previous color scheme was difficult, check out this one. Tetradic colors are, as the name suggests it, groups of four different colors. They represent two pairs of complementary colors. For example, blue, orange, purple and yellow are tetradic colors. The good news about this one is there are only a couple combinations you can try so you won’t get lost in colors.

This being said, here are some inspirational ideas that will help you combine your gemstone jewelry like a pro:

  • Amethyst, aquamarine, canary diamond & sunstone
  • Ruby, emerald, turquoise & citrine
  • Garnet, jade, sapphire & imperial topaz

Rainbow combinations

You are going to love this one, but it is pretty difficult to achieve. In order for it to work, you need to feature all the seven colors of the rainbow. Of course, this isn’t to say to cover yourself in gemstone jewelry from head to toe. You should rather choose pieces that feature more than one color or even all of them. A rainbow beaded necklace will look gorgeous on you and you can pair it with simple metal jewelry or diamond one.

Combining white & black gemstone jewelry

It is needless to say that when you wear white or black jewelry (like pearls, moonstones or onyx) you can use every possible combination. In this case, you only need to pay attention to the gemstone type, as organic stones (pearls, corals, amber or jet) don’t always work with certain semi precious stones.

What about clear gemstones?

Diamond jewelry, as well as clear crystals or cubic zirconia, are fit for any combination, including organic gemstones. This type of jewelry is the most versatile one and it allows you to put your imagination to use.

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